Why hard work shouldn’t feel hard! Bruce Lee’s idea of the ‘Economy of motion’

It is good that you are a hard-working person. But you see, Working 20 hours a day thoughtlessly isn't hard work. It is just labor work. If you feel that you are working too hard, you are so busy that you are not finding time to do anything else in life, then read on. Have... Continue Reading →

What would it be like to have a completely free mind?

As you know, this blog is about breaking limitations. It is about challenging every concept that we take for granted. It is about questioning every limit in order to learn how to break free from it. I have always been interested in human mind and in exploring it full potential. This post explores the subject... Continue Reading →


CHALLENGING CONCEPTUAL DESIGN IN ARCHITECTURE " And this time when I looked at the sky I could see it exactly as it was, Without Labeling what I saw. With no words to define, The stars, moon and the sky became One. The stars were not the stars, and the sky was not the sky." Most... Continue Reading →

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