Presence is what you need right now!

How much of today did you really live? How many minutes were you fully in touch with life around you? I am usually dissatisfied with my answers to these questions. Of all the time that I am awake, I am barely truly living a single minute of the day. My mind is constantly occupied by... Continue Reading →

5 things to remember when you feel stuck in life

Do you feel that you are not moving forward as fast as you should? You are working hard but not seeing any concrete results. You feel that you don't know what to do in life. Days are passing too fast but you just can't figure out the way to move forward to the life that... Continue Reading →


CHALLENGING CONCEPTUAL DESIGN IN ARCHITECTURE " And this time when I looked at the sky I could see it exactly as it was, Without Labeling what I saw. With no words to define, The stars, moon and the sky became One. The stars were not the stars, and the sky was not the sky." Most... Continue Reading →

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