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5 psychology facts that everyone should know

I recently read this book, “Thinking fast and slow”. I did not finish it but still learned some valuable things about our two thinking systems. Our intuitive system of thinking is fast, it associates ideas at a lightning fast speed, which is useful but it also leads to biases if we don’t keep a watchful... Continue Reading →

City of Stars (Piano cover)

When I am having a bad day, I play piano and it makes me feel a lot better. Music has magic. It can change mood in seconds. I am very grateful to have put in efforts to learn a musical instrument so that I can express my feelings to others in a very unique way.... Continue Reading →

Finding peace in the Chaos

Have you ever wondered? Why is it that we want to find peace? Why aren't we comfortable in chaos?  But if you think carefully, we do enjoy chaos. Believe it or not, we are excited by the chaos. When two people are sitting peacefully, no one would care. No one would notice. But if the... Continue Reading →

Wish You were Here (Piano cover)

I thought let me add something new to the blog today! I have been learning piano keyboard for sometime and this is as far as I have reached. I learned by myself, watching videos, practicing notes, chords, patterns...etc. I am not a professional of course, but I enjoy playing it. It is messy, but I... Continue Reading →

Best way of dealing with anger

The day before I was listening to Osho's talk. He said a very interesting story which points towards how we are living in unconscious and reactive state of mind all the time. 24 hours of the day whether awake or asleep, we are constantly unaware, sleeping, dreaming. We are not aware of our actions or... Continue Reading →

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