5 things to remember when you feel stuck in life

Do you feel that you are not moving forward as fast as you should? You are working hard but not seeing any concrete results. You feel that you don't know what to do in life. Days are passing too fast but you just can't figure out the way to move forward to the life that... Continue Reading →

Answering the questions from my blogger friends!

A question is my favorite sentence. It has a power to move our mind in the right direction. Just like the Awards post that I have made, I thought I should make a post which answers the questions asked by my bloggers friends. This is a compilation of all wonderful questions which I faced through... Continue Reading →

Dealing with fears and uncertainty in life

In chess we have a saying that, "A threat is stronger than execution." A move which gives threat creates uneasiness in the opponent, provoking disharmony in his thoughts and thus increasing his chances of making a mistake. This psychological force has been said to be more powerful than simply executing the threat. In our life,... Continue Reading →

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