The ideal mindset: Your key for lasting motivation for life

Face it! currently you are not at your best. You have far more potential which you are not able to materialize effectively. You are in your comfort zone and it is very hard to get out of it. No matter how hard you try, change seems too difficult. This blog is about breaking limitations and... Continue Reading →

Most motivating type of thoughts which make you take immediate action

"How many different type of thoughts did you have in last hour? Which of them were really strong in nature? Which of them made you move towards something worthwhile? And which of them wasted a large amount of your energy and time?" At the end of the day, your productivity is measured not by thoughts... Continue Reading →

A different method for setting Goals

Why does every Human on earth need a goal? Human mind is an attention oriented entity. I wrote in my earlier article "on the nature of mind" that the mind can generate intense force with the things it can identify itself with. In other words, it needs to obsess on something to create that irresistible... Continue Reading →

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