3 most important sources for your next blog post

This blog is about self-improvement, inspiration, creativity, spirituality and ideas which expand the horizons of your mind. However, as writing is also a creative expression which all of you use, I thought adding ideas for blogging would be a great idea. This is my first post about blogging/writing. This post answers the question: Where do... Continue Reading →

My reflections On the Nature of Mind

This post is based on my own experiences and ideas about the nature of mind. I used to meditate a few years ago. I lost that habit due to ignorance and forgetting the priorities in life. Just a week ago, I started again to meditate for some time in the morning. I do not have... Continue Reading →


CHALLENGING CONCEPTUAL DESIGN IN ARCHITECTURE " And this time when I looked at the sky I could see it exactly as it was, Without Labeling what I saw. With no words to define, The stars, moon and the sky became One. The stars were not the stars, and the sky was not the sky." Most... Continue Reading →

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