Using emotional energy for motivated life

I want to become a chess grand master. It is just one line. But behind it, there is a story of a person who has a sharp and highly creative mind.A persistent, bold and inspiring character. It is a story of someone who is bored of mediocrity and is not afraid of madness. A person... Continue Reading →

True freedom can be found only in emptiness.

On what basis do we act in this world? What is the cause of our being exactly the way we are? Think about your goals, your deepest desires in life. And ask yourself about the origins of those fantasies. When was the first time for all these emotions and how did they take place inside... Continue Reading →

Develop a burning desire.

I wanted to start today with writing about a tremendous force which drives us to take any action: A burning desire. You may be doing good with life. You are probably happy with all you have. But there is always a drive somewhere hidden to do something more and to touch higher dimensions of life... Continue Reading →

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