Become irreplaceable in whatever you do

Look at all great people you admire. They are all unique. You can pick two highly successful actors who will play the same role in two completely different ways. Two great architects would approach a same building with two uncomparable ways. I can find one thing that is common in all great achievers. It is... Continue Reading →

5 things young bloggers should always keep in mind

It feels good when young people start a blog instead of posting selfies on Instagram. Blogging is a way of expressing yourself and it is not easy. A good blog, good writing takes effort. This post is to encourage those youngsters and give them some valuable points to consider for their blog. On the other... Continue Reading →

Convincing yourself and others

This topic was suggested by aathmana02. There are some people you have never met except through screen, and yet you feel much closer to them than your neighbour. Aathmana is one of such blogging friends who I have discovered recently. Check out her blog Read. Love. Live for more... The topic she wanted me to... Continue Reading →

How to make your mornings beautiful

This post is about optimizing morning routine and finding the most efficient way to make your mornings beautiful. My research for the topic The topic I was suggested was 'how to optimize a morning routine'. I went through some articles on the internet and here are 3 things that I found. 1.) Internet is full... Continue Reading →

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