The way chess games are won…(An approach to life)

I often find a lot of lessons about life from chess. I have already posted two articles which are about the lessons of strategy and decision making in life. Winning against a strong chess player is not easy. It requires continuous concentration, focus, persistence, calculation, patience and identifying and exploring every small opportunity that you... Continue Reading →

8 different abilities of your brain and how to train them!

You often get people telling you to go to gym or exercise to keep your body in shape. But I have rarely heard someone saying something about mental exercises. Is it just because we can 'see' the physical beauty and not the mental beauty? Are we attracted too much with physical appearances? In today's age,... Continue Reading →

Become irreplaceable in whatever you do

Look at all great people you admire. They are all unique. You can pick two highly successful actors who will play the same role in two completely different ways. Two great architects would approach a same building with two uncomparable ways. I can find one thing that is common in all great achievers. It is... Continue Reading →

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