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Finding peace in the Chaos

Have you ever wondered? Why is it that we want to find peace? Why aren't we comfortable in chaos?  But if you think carefully, we do enjoy chaos. Believe it or not, we are excited by the chaos. When two people are sitting peacefully, no one would care. No one would notice. But if the... Continue Reading →

Creativity and work: 7 ways to start being more creative at your work, today!

Unless you engage deeply in creative work, you can’t live fully!  This is a bold statement to make, but you also know that there is some truth in it. There are things you love to do without expecting anything in return. You just do it because you can be yourself, express yourself as you are!  ... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons

From my experience, most important things in life put in a few words: There is only one goal of life. It is to realize the true nature of self. I figured that if I could have everything- wealth, love, name, fame...etc- but not have realized the self, life is wasted. On the other hand, if... Continue Reading →

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