Louis Kahn: A spiritual journey through paintings and architecture

Spirituality is not a career. It is a way of life. It is a development of understanding of a world more than mere materials. It is the realisation of the part of ourselves which is more than body and mind. Louis Kahn (1901-1974) was a modern architect, who was in this search for 'the spirit... Continue Reading →

When natural light met trees!

This image is of a pathway to my farm, A space created by natural light and trees As an architect, I am always looking at spaces. It is always an exercise of imagination to find new kinds of spaces and their translation in to architecture. This image is from my farm, where I observed a... Continue Reading →


CHALLENGING CONCEPTUAL DESIGN IN ARCHITECTURE " And this time when I looked at the sky I could see it exactly as it was, Without Labeling what I saw. With no words to define, The stars, moon and the sky became One. The stars were not the stars, and the sky was not the sky." Most... Continue Reading →

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