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Moods of life (Made new music)

Sometimes this way, sometimes that way. The mind oscillates in all kinds of moods throughout the day. But variety creates play. Variety is worth observing. Some people become like zombies, emotionless at some point. They lose all the magic of life. No matter what, never lose the colors of emotions, the moods of life. For... Continue Reading →

City of Stars (Piano cover)

When I am having a bad day, I play piano and it makes me feel a lot better. Music has magic. It can change mood in seconds. I am very grateful to have put in efforts to learn a musical instrument so that I can express my feelings to others in a very unique way.... Continue Reading →

5 facts about life to reflect on when you are alone.

Amorphous Narratives

If you don’t reflect on your life often, you will soon find yourself lost in the whirlpool of this world. This world is a very messy and chaotic place, always in conflict. If you don’t take time to think for yourself you will be forcefully dragged into this mess. One day when you finally stop, a lot of years would have been wasted without having done anything meaningful with life.

What I write here is not intended as a teaching. I write so that my words enter deep into my heart and I remember them. I know nothing that I can teach others. I simply reflect over what I have lived and what seems logical. Also, this are not pessimistic thoughts. These are facts. In fact if you think about them you would feel a lot lighter, a lot of burden might drop.

Here are 5 things you can ponder…

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Best way of dealing with anger

The day before I was listening to Osho's talk. He said a very interesting story which points towards how we are living in unconscious and reactive state of mind all the time. 24 hours of the day whether awake or asleep, we are constantly unaware, sleeping, dreaming. We are not aware of our actions or... Continue Reading →

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