My frustrations (and how I transform them in happiness, and I am learning well!)

It's 2:15 AM and I am awake again. Every night I am awake around this time. Silence is around. Yes, my mind is in a lot of pain.  And you may think that this post is a cry on “look how miserable my life is!” But it is not. Yes the energy comes from that... Continue Reading →

The ‘Flow state’ : Secret to real happiness

Have you ever really asked, "what is happiness, really?" Will the things that you are chasing (if any) give you real and lasting happiness? If you think carefully, soon you will see that lasting happiness cannot come from external sources. If I win a million dollars lottery, it will only make me happy for a... Continue Reading →

The Secret of Work

I am almost 26 years old and suddenly people I meet talk only about work, making money and career. Suddenly I feel as if there is no joy, no music left in their lives. It feels as if they are working forcefully being crushed under social responsibilities and now their minds cannot think of anything... Continue Reading →

Become irreplaceable in whatever you do

Look at all great people you admire. They are all unique. You can pick two highly successful actors who will play the same role in two completely different ways. Two great architects would approach a same building with two uncomparable ways. I can find one thing that is common in all great achievers. It is... Continue Reading →

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