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The secret of spiritual transformation

If at all any radical transformation is to happen within you, it must happen now, at this very moment. It can't happen anytime in future. If you think that by doing this and that, someday you will be transformed, it is only the trick of the mind. Understand that the mind fabricates all these tricks... Continue Reading →

Fallen Leaves

I took a circle in the park, saw things, people. From children to young to old. All stages of people. And I saw how each one was trying to be busy. Either talking in group or in phone. Being active, avoiding the void. And all these activities are only to fill the void. But that... Continue Reading →

Finding peace in the Chaos

Have you ever wondered? Why is it that we want to find peace? Why aren't we comfortable in chaos?  But if you think carefully, we do enjoy chaos. Believe it or not, we are excited by the chaos. When two people are sitting peacefully, no one would care. No one would notice. But if the... Continue Reading →

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