This story will change your view about your mind

There is a very enlightening story I heard today. I am rephrasing it in my words and writing this blog post to record and share a very important message. Here is the story: "A man was once a guest in a house. Two children were sitting outside. In short while they started fighting. The fight... Continue Reading →

The sickness of society that no-one cares about

Society has hypnotized people so deeply that nobody asks questions. I met some college friends today and all they talked about was work, Architecture, and career.  It felt like a plague, a disease that has taken over their minds. I am sure this disease is worse than covid. Covid was here for hardly 3 years.... Continue Reading →

Life Lessons

From my experience, most important things in life put in a few words: There is only one goal of life. It is to realize the true nature of self. I figured that if I could have everything- wealth, love, name, fame...etc- but not have realized the self, life is wasted. On the other hand, if... Continue Reading →

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