My first eBook: 25 Ideas of intellectual and spiritual freedom

My first eBook is now published on amazon kindle. This short book is the exploration of ideas from success to spirituality. Being interested in learning about the potential of the mind, I went deep in that search. Soon the search for the mind became the search for self. The questions were raised and the answers... Continue Reading →

Alan Watts quotes to deepen your understanding of life with the ‘wisdom of insecurity’

We all are so absorbed with our life and work. But sometimes we need to hit the brakes and ask, 'What is all these about?' 'What am I running after?' 'What am I looking for?' 'Do I know what I really want?'. These basic questions are aimed at making you more aware of your life... Continue Reading →

Become irreplaceable in whatever you do

Look at all great people you admire. They are all unique. You can pick two highly successful actors who will play the same role in two completely different ways. Two great architects would approach a same building with two uncomparable ways. I can find one thing that is common in all great achievers. It is... Continue Reading →

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