Amorphous Narratives phase-2

After I put together the book 25 ideas of intellectual and spiritual freedom, I realized that it is a wonderful foundation for personal and spiritual development. After reading my own book, I felt that I don’t need any other principles to realize my full potential. I have my own method. If I could practice each one of them and master them, it would be enough work for one lifetime. 

So, here I begin phase 2 of blog. I intend to take up each idea one by one and explore and practice that till I achieve mastery. 

Theory without practice is useless. So the writings in phase-2 will be more about my experiences and practical insights about each topic. As I write more, I am also learning and discovering new methods. Writing helps me organize my own thoughts. Writing helps get all hidden thoughts out in form of words. And I have known that it is a great way of discovering yourself.

If you are reading this, you are welcome to share the journey of mastering the 25 great qualities…

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