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Practice of Concentration: Setting the right environment

Concentration comes as a byproduct when you indulge actively into things you love to do more and more. Therefore there can not be any ‘exercises’ or ‘things to do’ that fit everyone for improving concentration. My approach is about ‘growing’ the ability of concentration and not of ‘improving’ it. Here are some practical aspects which will help in making the process of
growing concentration smoother.

Concentration is about being more aware and setting the right conditions. One shouldn’t try to improve concentration directly. That is the second step. First, one should set the right conditions so that it becomes easier to put in the effort and start that painful work which later on brings joy and satisfaction.

Here is the full post on the practice of concentration.

The post is a piece taken from my book. If you like the post, make sure to check out the book as well…


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