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Finding peace in the Chaos

Have you ever wondered? Why is it that we want to find peace? Why aren’t we comfortable in chaos? 

But if you think carefully, we do enjoy chaos. Believe it or not, we are excited by the chaos.

  • When two people are sitting peacefully, no one would care. No one would notice. But if the same two people started fighting, so many would gather just to watch them. 
  • When there is a fight going on in your neighbour’s house, have you ever tried to listen through the wall? 
  • When there is even a small accident on a road, have you not noticed how many people would gather around for no reason? 
  • Why do you think is the media full of chaotic news? Rapes, murders, Tsunamis, floods, scams, politics….Why do you never see a peaceful routine day of some ordinary person in the media?

It is not that we don’t like chaos. We are most interested in this chaotic world and perhaps, that is the reason why the world has become so chaotic. Even when we talk about painful and sensitive events like rape or murder, I am afraid that we are only hiding our excitement beneath our emotions and sympathies.

Consciously or unconsciously, we don’t like too much peace. It is understandable also. It is the nature of this mind to always be wandering. When it has one thing, it longs for another. Want for peace is only as long as you have chaos around you. But when everything is peaceful, you suddenly start missing the excitement…

Chaos is not bad. It gives life to this world which otherwise would become boring and monotonous. Chaos is drama. Why do we watch movies and dramas if we don’t like chaos? 

The only point is this. We like chaos. But not in our lives.

If it is out there, we enjoy it. If we are in there, we feel like we are suffering. When you see the traffic from above or a hurricane or earthquake on TV or in a movie, you feel it is beautiful. But when you are in that place, you can’t stand it.

Now, is there a way that you can enjoy the chaos without becoming a part of it? Is there a way that even while being in the middle of chaos, you feel calm, still, and enjoy the chaos as if it has nothing to do with you?

You know these war movies have scenes where they show total chaos. Bombs blasting, guns firing, people screaming and dying…Noise, pain, suffering everywhere, and then……They will show a scene where all the sounds are faded. They show it all in slow motion as if the character is observing it happening all around. At that moment, the feel of the scene is completely contrasting with the war. The scene is the same, but simply muting the sound, or playing peaceful music and making it in slow motion changes the character. Now it feels peaceful. It somehow has that sense of peace within the chaos, and then again after some moments, all the noises resume…

But that particular part has a lot to teach us about finding peace in chaos. When the sounds are faded and the scene is shown in slow motion, for a moment we become detached from that scene. Otherwise, even in a movie, we become too absorbed. We feel the intense emotions of the war. But during that particular scene, there is a break. There is an opportunity to simply remove yourself from there and observe things as they are happening. That ‘witness’, an act of ‘removing yourself from the equation’ is the key to finding peace within the chaos.

Recently, I have written a book on detachment. A part of it explains how everything falls into its right place when we remove ‘I’ and ‘myself’ from it. The distortion of perspective is due to the ‘I’. When this ‘I’ is not there, even chaos is beautiful!

So the point is that don’t try to remove yourself from the chaos. Get right into the chaos but remove yourself from it. Become an observer of the chaos. Become the witness. Detach yourself from all the identities that you associate with. Your body, your name, your thoughts, feelings, actions..everything. Notice that all those things are part of this world, but You, the real ‘You’ is quite separate from it. It is just a witness.

Being detached from everything is the only way to enjoy everything. Otherwise, we will always be choosing sides. Peace or chaos, good or evil, right or wrong…All this duality is just a play of the monkey mind which can’t stay rooted in one idea. That is why the mind can never be peaceful. Only way to be peaceful is to simply be a witness of the mind. 

Don’t own the thoughts and feelings that you have. Don’t claim yourself as an owner of the wealth that you have. Don’t ever say mine…For you and I are only pilgrims in this world, we didn’t bring anything, we own nothing. We are only here to enjoy the chaos, the creation of this world!

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