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Wish You were Here (Piano cover)

I thought let me add something new to the blog today! I have been learning piano keyboard for sometime and this is as far as I have reached. I learned by myself, watching videos, practicing notes, chords, patterns…etc. I am not a professional of course, but I enjoy playing it. It is messy, but I like it!

When I learned to play music, a new language for thinking was added to my mind. I automatically feel more creative in everything I do. I can now think in terms of rhythms, melodies, harmony, chords…etc

The message is simply this: Find time for things you love to do. Find time for things you do for nothing in return. Do those things which you would do joyfully even if you didn’t get paid for it. Have that play of a child in life, always. Play should be the center of life. All else is secondary…

Here is a piano cover for Wish you were here by pink floyd. I try to add my own colours and my own music to it…

Enjoy my childish messy piano playing skills…

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