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J. Krishnamurti on ‘What are we seeking?’

When was the last time that you took a pause and really asked, “What is it that I am seeking? What is it that I am running after? All my actions, worries, fears, desires, excitements…they must be guided by something underneath that I don’t pay much attention to, but what can that be?”

Our actions are usually so mechanical that we don’t think much about our routine. We wake up, do the everyday things, go through the day, come back and sleep. The same thing goes on for years. Some days are exciting, some days are boring. But it is always something outside that drives our feelings. But even behind all our little feelings, there is something that we want to happen, something that we are seeking…What is it?

Here is a latest post from my new blog which gives some insights on ‘what are we seeking?’

J. Krishnamurti on ‘What are we seeking?


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