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This story will change your view about your mind

There is a very enlightening story I heard today. I am rephrasing it in my words and writing this blog post to record and share a very important message. Here is the story:

“A man was once a guest in a house. Two children were sitting outside. In short while they started fighting. The fight turned brutal so the man asked them, “wait, why are you fighting? What happened?”

One child replied, “he took my car!”

Man asked, ” which car? what are you talking about?”

child said, ” you won’t understand because you don’t know the game!”

Man said, “then explain me the game. What are you playing?”

child said, ” The cars are going on the road, whoever sees it first it belongs to him. That black car which just went by, I saw it first but he says it belongs to him. And so we had a fight!

– Story I heard

The kids were fighting on the passing cars, car owners didn’t even know!

Your mind

Now ask: are the thoughts which come in your mind are really yours?

You are there, standing on the crossroads called mind. The cars of thoughts are just passing by and you have made the mistake of believing that they are yours. Your thoughts don’t belong to you. They are just cars passing by as a coincidence. Yet, all the wars in the world, even little fights between two people happen because they think they own the passing cars. One car said ‘I am Hindu’. Other said, ‘I am Muslim’. One said, ‘I am a man’, other said, ‘I am a woman’.

You saw one, someone else saw the second one. You both made the mistake of thinking that these cars belong to you and now you both are in conflict.

Your mind is nothing but a collection of such ‘mis-owned’ cars. And it is a huge complex collection. Just because you had a thought, don’t start believing that it is yours. Don’t include it in your identity. It just happened to pass by when you were there.

Mind is a disease

If all your life you have been collecting various thoughts that pass-by, your mind can not be anything but a disease. The sheer complexity and variety of these thoughts will confuse your mind. One car will be black, other will be white and you have owned them both. What do you expect but conflict?

Look for yourself at your own beliefs, how contradictory they are in themselves! You can’t even clearly define what you want! There is no one-pointedness in your mind because it is shattered into pieces by trying to own ‘all the cars that pass by the road’.

Distance yourself Now!

It is important to start creating a distance between what ‘You’ are and what ‘your mind’ is. Start looking within and making distinction between the two.

Good Luck!

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