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The sickness of society that no-one cares about

Society has hypnotized people so deeply that nobody asks questions. I met some college friends today and all they talked about was work, Architecture, and career. 

It felt like a plague, a disease that has taken over their minds. I am sure this disease is worse than covid. Covid was here for hardly 3 years. While this sickness is shaping their lives. It destroys creativity, it makes people hollow from within, unable to laugh without reason. It makes people into zombies. 

It felt like over the years they have limited their minds so much that all they can talk of is work. No other questions come into their minds, no other creative thoughts.

It is not their fault. This society programs you in such a way that you don’t ask questions. You only work. It is so easy to be hypnotized into believing something when everyone else is doing the same things.

How am I asking questions if I am a part of the same society? How is it that I am not hypnotized?

I have mostly been a bit isolated from everyone. I’ve been close to only 4-5 people in my entire life till now. So maybe I could watch what was happening from afar. Also I don’t talk much, it helps me see, listen and observe. And third, I read and listen to those who ask questions, who have challenged society. 

I don’t know if you understand this, everything you are doing has become mechanical, automatic. You are becoming a slave to the society’s demands, their hypnotic suggestions. 

I observe the adults and when I see my 1 year old nephew I understand this truth at once. The freedom that an infant has, an adult is losing over the years because he is being constantly hypnotized.

This is the voice that screams within me these days. No one seems to understand this, but I go on because I am not ready to accept this slavery. 

4 thoughts on “The sickness of society that no-one cares about

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  1. So true! And a much needed wake up callπŸ‘πŸ‘
    I hate the hustle culture that is being so overhyped these days; and the fact that hardworking people are ‘productive’ all day long.
    No, people are people; and we can’t be working all the time. God gave us a brain to use dynamically, not in a limited manner.

    Loved reading this post.

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    1. Yes! People are talking about work all the time!😱. I mean what’s wrong? And noone even recognizes that. Felt good to read your comment! Also, I read some of your poems too. They are very creative! πŸ™‚

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      1. Exactly my thoughts! But then again, people have different definitions for success; and for some, success means just more and more. Of everything. So they’d much rather work themselves to the bone than take a breather. Ha! Rest is for us under-achieving peasants 😜
        There’s only so much we could make the world understand. But efforts are always good, just like yours ☺️

        Aww, you did? Thank you so much for your kind words! πŸ’™

        Liked by 1 person

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