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Best way of dealing with anger

The day before I was listening to Osho’s talk. He said a very interesting story which points towards how we are living in unconscious and reactive state of mind all the time. 24 hours of the day whether awake or asleep, we are constantly unaware, sleeping, dreaming. We are not aware of our actions or thoughts. Our lives have become so mechanical that it happens automatically, making us like zombies.

One of the consequence of our reactive state of mind is anger. On hearing harsh words or inconvenient situation, we react immediately with anger and later regret doing that. Reflecting on that we may think that ” I could have dealt with the situation better.”

This post is about a way of doing that. I will paraphrase the story in my own words:

” A man abused another man with harsh words, insulting him in all kinds of ways. The other person said: ‘ I will give you the reply tomorrow’. Next day they both met again and the other person who was abused yesterday couldn’t give any reply. 24 hours had passed to the event and he was so detached that he couldn’t reply.”

On being asked about why he didn’t respond the same day he said, ” My master is a very smart person. He got me in this habit of waiting for 24 hours before responding to any such events. I have never been able to respond with anger ever since!”


Because of waiting for 24 hours, the anger had already gone away. A habit of waiting before reacting gives you an opportunity to detach yourself from your emotions. If even for a second you are able to detach yourself from your anger, you will not be able to reply in a reactive manner. You only become angry because you are unaware that your mind is taking over you.

It is not just about anger. It is the way of becoming awake. It is the way of observing yourself, how your mind works automatically. A reactive state of mind is not a sign of intelligence.

A journey of breaking such habits is a long one. What one needs are consistent small steps like these. They will accumulate one day and become a big force of awareness.

Wake up

  • Do you know where you are going?
  • Do you know what you are doing with your life? Are you even living?
  • Where are your days passing away? In what useless dreams which you aren’t even aware of!

Wake up. Look at yourself. Know yourself. Get yourself out of the command of your mind. Wake up the soul and be conscious! Spirituality is all about waking up!

6 thoughts on “Best way of dealing with anger

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  1. So, the trick is to wait it out until it passes? Interesting. But also very true. Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should; relatively speaking in context to our anger. Anger also has the ability to block out a lot of things we’d otherwise be able to see.
    But just wondering, what if we’re in a situation that requires us to react immediately, without wasting time? πŸ€”

    Nice one. You’ve given me a lot to think about with this.

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    1. If you can see yourself separate from your anger, if you can see that You are not anger, that moment is enough to be free from anger. And 24 hours is alot of time to see clearly the distance between ‘YOU’ and the anger.

      Even when reacting immediately, it is about how aware you are about your reaction. What matters is that you are not being compulsively driven just beacause you are angry. Even if you need to hit someone in the head you can do it mindfully and with compassion.πŸ˜… That is when you have mastery over your emotions.πŸ˜ŠπŸ’™

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      1. Ah, I see. So there has to be a firm hold on both my being and that which drives my being. That would require a lot of mindfulness; but isn’t that the whole point? Oh, I get it.

        Hate to ruin the flow, but I have to get this out. If somebody provokes me enough, then I’m just going to chuck all my mindfulness out the window and hit them so hard on the head, they have a short run in with Jesus πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
        Can’t say I’m as controlled as youπŸ˜…

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