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5 facts about life to reflect on when you are alone.

If you don’t reflect on your life often, you will soon find yourself lost in the whirlpool of this world. This world is a very messy and chaotic place, always in conflict. If you don’t take time to think for yourself you will be forcefully dragged into this mess. One day when you finally stop, a lot of years would have been wasted without having done anything meaningful with life.

What I write here is not intended as a teaching. I write so that my words enter deep into my heart and I remember them. I know nothing that I can teach others. I simply reflect over what I have lived and what seems logical. Also, this are not pessimistic thoughts. These are facts. In fact if you think about them you would feel a lot lighter, a lot of burden might drop.

Here are 5 things you can ponder over when you are alone.

Do you live like a master or a slave?

When you say something is ‘mine’, you are not the owner, you are the slave. It is because you will have to do everything in your power to keep it yours, to keep it from falling apart.

  • Are you not frightened of losing the people that you call your own?
  • Have you never felt sting of jealousy when you see the person you love with someone else?
  • Have you never become so restless because something valuable to you was lost?

You have become slave to those objects and people just because you believe that they are ‘Yours’. You decide: By possessing things do you become a master or a slave?

It also follows that the person who has no sense of ownership never becomes a slave. The person who has nothing to lose, can you make him bend for anything? He becomes fearless and lives like a king.

No one else is yours apart from you

We are always looking outwards, looking at others with our eyes, touching others with our hands but never do we look within to something that we truly own. This world is a mess because everyone is looking outwards, trying to possess everything they get their hands on. But very few realize this madness has no end and they start to look within.

Ask yourself, if there is anything in this world which is yours, what is it? You only own yourself. You are only responsible for just one person and that is you. Give up silly hopes that someday someone will come and rescue you, help you, decide what is right for you. You only own your life, yourself and if you keep looking outwards, you’ll only see what others want for you. You must look within, listen to none. Ask, seek and find out what you truly want for yourself.

Your ego is nothing but an accumulated garbage and broken things from the society

Since you were born, you have never really been alone. You have always been in the crowd, being influenced by the crowd. You must throw away the crowd, be alone again, just like you were at the moment when you were born.

You need to empty the thrash that the society has fed you. But you see it seems very frightening. If you reject everything you have made yourself to be, what will be left of you? You will become empty! The ego can’t stand the fact that it is nothing.

But to truly know yourself you must become empty of what you have been taught.

What if you give up the sense of a ‘doer’?

Think carefully. You are bound by Karma because you think ‘you are doing things’. If you can sense that you are not the doer, for a moment you will be released from the burden of Karma. Whenever you think ‘ I did this’ , the ego is becoming stronger and new karma is taking place.

Observe the world. It has been going on for billion years with or without you. What tiny fraction of effect does your work have upon this world? If you were dead, nothing would change. The world will go on same as ever and yet we think ‘I want to do something important!, make a difference!’

Give up the sense of doer. It will reduce tremendous unnecessary burden you have taken upon your shoulders. Things happen in the world, It is a wheel rotating endlessly on its own. Work with detachment and devotion, not as a responsibility or a duty.

What if your life is nothing more than a dream?

When I think back on my life, I see that only the forms are changing. Everything is repeating itself. Things are happening again and again. Good events happen. Then bad events happen. Then friends happen. Then I feel lonely. Then love comes. Work comes. Then heart-break comes…etc. And they are happening in everyone’s life. It is just that the forms are different for everyone, but all are caught up in the same game.

Human experience is limited, it is only being played out in infinite number of different forms so as to appear infinite. But if you look carefully, it is very limited.

I couldn’t accept that I was just one of the 7 billion+ bubbles living in its small minded world. I try to imagine looking at the world from outside and it is clear to me that everyone is lost in their small little dream.

I want this bubble to burst and get me face to face with what is real!


These are just some of the thoughts to exercise your reflection on your life. I hope these points get you thinking. These are not some negative thoughts thrown by someone who has always lost in the world. I have won many times, found many things I wanted and then lost. And if I hadn’t reflected on my life, I would most probably try again to win, to take one more round in the same circle. But I see how futile it is. What a waste of energy. When you give up the world, only thing left to live for is the real you!

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