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What would it be like to have a completely free mind?

As you know, this blog is about breaking limitations. It is about challenging every concept that we take for granted. It is about questioning every limit in order to learn how to break free from it. I have always been interested in human mind and in exploring it full potential. This post explores the subject of freedom.

We all want to be free.

But free from what?

When we say, “I want freedom”, it means that we are (or we think we are) bound by something. What is it that binds you? Why is your mind not free?

If you think about this question, you realize that there is nothing outside that is blocking your mind. If there is a limitation, it is set up within oneself. If there are walls, they are created within the mind itself.

When I look at your mind, my whole thinking process from outside, I see that there is a mass of knowledge. This mass of knowledge consists of all the memory that I have accumulated through time. When I see it from outside (which I can’t, but when I imagine seeing it from outside), I see that this mass is limited and keeps running in a circle. It contains everything, including my name, identity, how much money I have in bank, my father’s name, my girlfriend’s name…everything.

In short there is an image, an identity which is created by all these knowledge, these memories. This knowledge is so vast that it can create a world of its own. There, it is being lost into this mind-created world is why we are bound.

I always say that our desires, our fears and our thoughts are not our own. Is there any single thought in your life that you have created out of nowhere? There can’t be. Because a thought itself is a part of this mass of knowledge. You have this huge treasure of knowledge stored in your brain. Now when someone says ‘elephant’, a thought wave of a form you know as elephant comes to surface. It isn’t something you created. Your thought is only a ‘reaction to external trigger’

Enlightenment is a destructive process

There is a lot of nonsense going on in the name of enlightenment and spirituality these days. Most people think that spirituality is about ‘divine something’ and the ‘light of love’, the ‘eternal bliss’, ‘pure consciousness’ and all kinds of nonsense. But notice where it comes from? It is also coming from that mass of knowledge described earlier.

Many people think that a ‘spiritual goal’ is higher than a ‘material goal’. But look at it carefully. Both of them are coming from the same source: Your existing knowledge about ‘spiritual’ and ‘material’. There is nothing divine about a ‘spiritual thought’. It is just a thought or an imagination same as any other thought. In fact it is more dangerous because it traps people into thinking that they are chasing something higher’. People start getting trapped into their own imagined ‘spirituality’

One doesn’t know anything about ‘real spirituality’ unless one has destroyed completely this mass of knowledge. Unless one is free from it, there are only talks and imaginations, coming out of the same source that other thoughts come from.

That is why enlightenment, if there is such a thing, is a destructive process. It is not a ‘million dollars’ that I can reach by increasing my money year after year. To know who you really are, you must destroy the ‘I’ completely.

“We are afraid of being empty, of being nothing.”

J Krishnamurthy

Wastage of energy

Why we can’t break free? It is because the mind is continuously thinking. It is constantly wanting this and that. It is constantly wanting to become more silent, or become something else, go somewhere else. This addiction to thinking keeps the ego alive. It keeps us in the false world. As the chain of thoughts keeps going, the karma keeps building up.

The tremendous energy which is there already is not released because our minds are scattered. They go here and there all the time. It is so much wastage of energy.

A completely free mind

I cannot convey how it would be like, because my mind is also bound like yours. But we can point towards it by logically thinking about it. We haven’t reached the terrain, but we can see the map.

Imagine if all the concepts of ‘who I am’ are gone, all your knowledge about things is destroyed. You don’t have a name for anything, no two forms can be seen as separate because you don’t have any knowledge of form. This ‘name and form’ are what cause Maya, a cover over the reality. When all memory is destroyed , names and forms are also destroyed and all becomes one, non-dual….

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