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Life Lessons

From my experience, most important things in life put in a few words:

  1. There is only one goal of life. It is to realize the true nature of self. I figured that if I could have everything- wealth, love, name, fame…etc- but not have realized the self, life is wasted. On the other hand, if you have nothing, no wealth,fame,love or even a home, but if you have realized the true self, you have made the best of this precious human life.
  2. Youth is not to be wasted after lust, wealth, career or name. Youth is the time full of energy and intensity. It must be spent after developing a spiritual character. All else must be given up.
  3. One cannot focus his mind on many things at once. By doing such, mind gets confused and wastes a lot of time. Mind must focus on one single idea. Every other idea has to be dropped. If you want to find god, give up all else and just work on that.
  4. Desires have no end and no satisfaction. No matter how many times desires are fulfilled, they keep increasing. In the long run there will inevitably come a time when one is not able to satisfy them, and it will bring pain. Thus, attempts to satisfy your desires will only lead to pain.
  5. So one must work on removing his craving, and not on satisfying it. Whole world is running after satisfying their wants. But see how they suffer. One cannot be truly spiritual as long as there are desires, even the most basic desires.
  6. Your whole world is just your mind painting pictures. Notice how it paints some people and things with delightful colors and some with a certain dislike. But both are just painted pictures. They are not real. To see real, all paints must be removed.
  7. Thus all bondage, pain, pleasure and suffering is only in the mind. It is not outside of you. Look at the chair you are on, the room, outside the window. Is there any pain, suffering? NO. It is all inside your mind. It is clear that you must work on freeing the mind from the web it has created.
  8. There is nothing ‘mine’ in this world. One must give up the idea that someone or something belongs to him. Not even mother, father, wife or children are ‘mine’. ‘Me’ and ‘mine’ is the cause of all attachment and suffering.
  9. Everything and everyone will change. Even the people whom you thought would never change, will change. Everything is result of causes and conditions. When they change, everything changes.
  10. If I were to be given 10x pleasure and 1x pain, I wouldn’t take it. Because pleasures fade away. Pain drives one insane, it makes one think such negative thoughts that they are too harmful for oneself and others.
  11. Therefore if you want to avoid pain, you must also give up all pleasures.
  12. Don’t forget that you are mortal and you will die one day. meditate on your death every night before sleeping. Notice how the world is just a dream which will end at the moment of death.
  13. You cannot let your mind run free like a wild beast. You must tame it, control it, restrain it. A calm and restrained mind is the first requirement for spiritual development. Therefore it must be first priority. Your work is not your first priority.
  14. Mind cannot be made calm as long as it is running to satisfy desires like a hungry dog. Give up all desires and observe the mind. After some time it will slow down, become calm.
  15. Never hurt anyone, or think bad for anyone even your enemies. Never think harmful thoughts. They are the worst. They harm others and when they complete the circle they harm you more.
  16. Be grateful and think for well-being and freedom of all. Positive thoughts without any expected returns will calm your mind.
  17. Don’t work too much. It distracts and overloads the mind. Work in moderation and always set aside time for meditation. Try to be meditative and introspective whenever you can.
  18. Practice being mindful. Being in the present will help you notice the difference between what is real and what is painted by the mind.
  19. The little self that you think you are is not you. That poor guy wanting to be successful, to be loved and to travel the world is not you. Give up that little self. Widen your perspective and follow spiritual path.
  20. Be alone if you have to. But avoid a company which distracts the mind. If you find company which helps you on your path then good. Otherwise, travel alone.

6 thoughts on “Life Lessons

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  1. career and developing spiritual character both are being focused by the youths nowadays. So can you tell what’s the good and adverse effect for them, for they to whose both are important?

    And thankyou for sharing wonderful lessons of life which make us think about ourselves and help in betterment of right thinking.

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    1. For most of us, the struggle is to find a balance between both career and spiritual thought. Career without having a spiritual foundation is useless. On the other hand, by involving too deeply into spirituality, a person would not train his skills and abilities, which help him/her become more disciplined.
      Note that career and spirituality doesn’t have to be separate things. Being spiritual essentially means expanding your view of life and slowly letting go of our little narrow world. It can be done through work. Karmayoga is the path to follow spirituality while being intensely engaged in the world.

      The key of karmayoga is this ” You have the right to work. But to it’s fruits you have none”. When you work by giving up all thoughts of results, you slowly break chain of karma.
      It is the most difficult thing to do, but it is the way to freedom.

      Thank you for reading..:) Wish you great life

      Liked by 1 person

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