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The ideal mindset: Your key for lasting motivation for life

Face it! currently you are not at your best. You have far more potential which you are not able to materialize effectively. You are in your comfort zone and it is very hard to get out of it. No matter how hard you try, change seems too difficult.

This blog is about breaking limitations and the biggest limitation we have is our current mindset. This post explores how you can shift your mindset to start a momentum that will get you right out of your comfort.

Why is change so difficult?

If you want to change, first you must understand how it happens. Every change must first take place in a mind, and then it will show its effects in outside world. This shift in mindset can happen in two ways:

  • As a reaction of something external– Let’s say someone had a heartbreak and to fight that intense pain, there is some kind of psychological change, may be depression.
  • Self generated internal change – I visualize a certain self image repeatedly and with powerful emotions, soon I see changes in my behavior adjusting to new self image.

All of us are changing because of external circumstances because it happens naturally. But so few of us ever try to make an internal change. Most people never attempt an internal change because they have never thought of their ideal self.

I can only attempt to change if I have something to change towards. I can occasionally get inspired by some successful person I like, but how long would that motivation last against the forces of our current habits and our beliefs?

Live for an ideal, and that one ideal alone. Let it be so great, so strong, that there may be nothing else left in the mind; no place for anything else, no time for anything else.

Swami Vivekananda

Having an ideal self

A person without an ideal is just lost. The beauty of a human mind is that it can create whatever it wants. But it needs to know exactly what it wants. So here are some things you need for an ideal self or mindset.

1.) Remove all external influence

The whole point of having an ideal is that you are creating an internal change. So you must first discard external thoughts that can influence you.

Remove thoughts of what others want for you. Even the people closest to you don’t know what is best for you. Only you know. First become free of all social influence.

2.) Don’t create your ideal based on your current limitations

Don’t make the mistake of limiting your ideal self. The stronger your ideal self is, more inspired you will feel. Get out of yourself and just think of the best that you can become.

3.) Note the most important qualities of your ideal mindset.

What is it that makes you unique and so powerful? Is it will power?, Creativity? Time management skills? Self-control? Your ability to inspire others? What is it that best defines your ideal?

Whatever it is, take it to the maximum. Think that there is no other person on earth who has it as strongly as you.

4.) Don’t compare your ideal self to anyone else

It is an insult. Your ideal self is unique. Don’t make mistake of comparing it to anyone in any way. Your only focus is to take consistent steps to become that self.

Shift now to your ideal self

This is the most important part of this post.

Most people don’t change because they never get out of their current mindset. First you must give up your current beliefs and step into what you the mindset of the person you want. Without that, you will always be stuck where you are.

  • If I want to become a chess Grand master, I must live in the mindset of that person. I must think, feel and act like one. I must be aware of my knowledge and skills. I must become aware of persistence, strength and tenacity at the chessboard. I must understand how I am different from average chess masters. Once I do that, I am ready to do everything I need to get to that level.
  • If I want to become a millionaire, I must think, feel and act like one. I must know what are my habits, how I spend, invest and manage money. I must know the way I feel about money. Once all those qualities are clear, I will do everything to gain the knowledge and skills and not rest till I have those.

Whatever I want, I must first understand the mindset that my ideal self has and always try to become that. I must live that everyday from now on.

How does it help?

It makes a tremendous difference. Because now if your behavior is inconsistent, your mind will kick in saying, “you are not supposed to do this.”

  • If my ideal self accounts for every minute of the day, it will ask some hard questions about where I spent my time today. If it catches me wasting time it will immediately say, ” You are wasting this minute, you must reconsider your action.”
  • If my ideal self is always calm and peaceful, next time I get angry, it will say, “Watch your reactions, you must have control over your emotions.”
  • If my ideal self is persistent, next time I think about giving up, it will say, “I didn’t reach here by giving up. If you want to become me you have to learn persistence.”

Your ideal mindset is your guide which will always drive you towards a worthwhile direction. On the contrary, your current mindset will not help you become better at anything.

Fall in Love with the ideal

Last but not the least, your ideal must be your biggest obsession. All material things you want come later. Outer changes in the world are only consequences of your mindset. So you must be obsessed with that mindset.

Never let it go. Start living in it day and night. Start changing your little behaviors in the way that person would do. Your current posture- are you sitting in the way your ideal self would? If not, then change it right now.

Think, feel and act like the person you want to become and you have already taken a giant step towards change. All success is about bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to go.

So get busy!

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