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Most motivating type of thoughts which make you take immediate action

“How many different type of thoughts did you have in last hour? Which of them were really strong in nature? Which of them made you move towards something worthwhile? And which of them wasted a large amount of your energy and time?”

At the end of the day, your productivity is measured not by thoughts but your actions. And so, I claim that all thoughts which didn’t leave you with wonderful insight or make you take bold actions were useless. You would be better off not thinking them. In this post, I want to point out some ‘types of thoughts’ that always get me to work. The aim for all of us is to think more of such powerful thoughts and discard the thoughts that waste our time.

Type of thoughts that make you work

Here are the list of ‘type of thoughts’ that make me move. While writing this post, I noted that 1 hour is a best time period for experimentation. So you can test these tools of thoughts to take action for next one hour.

1.) Commitment

Whenever ‘I commit that I will wake up at 4 AM and study hard for 2 hours.’ It is impossible for things to go otherwise.

When you really mean it, your unconscious mind begins working on that commitment, it wakes you up alert at 3:59 AM, before your alarm goes off. Your unconscious mind is more powerful than your alarm.

When I write down ‘I will…..’, the potential of that thought converting in action magnifies. Saying and writing a commitment with enough power is like fixing the future. There is no other way it will go!

After you are done reading this, close off all devices, take pen and paper and just commit what you will do for next one hour, and then do it. Notice how much more focus you will have for that one hour!

I have committed to write this post and I will not get up before it is over.

2.) Challenge

A proper challenge always fills you with excitement. Challenge is most useful when you want to increase your abilities. Take challenges often. hourly, daily, weekly or monthly challenges are a sure way to make you work. While commitment gets you to work, challenge makes you do your best, and attempt to beat that best.

A challenge must be slightly out of comfort zone, but not too much. If it is within your comfort, it is not a challenge. If it is too much out of your abilities, it will be frustrating.

So you must be smart in picking challenges for yourself. It can be good to have someone else share challenges with. But if not, you must work on your own.

3.) Visualization of becoming what I want

There are very few times in a day when you deliberately get out of your own mind and get into the mindset of a person that you want to become. You can really see the difference between the two. The current one you are in is limited and less skilled. The one you want to become is a highly skilled, disciplined and hard-working character.

Visualization gives you the urge to become that person. Because it is very exciting. When I often do that, I know that the person I want to become would not be wasting time. He would make most of each minute he has. And it gets me working.

4.) Urge to express

I am not sure if this is natural to all. I have this urge to create something. Whenever I have that, I become obsessed by that, get to work and don’t get up for hours. I feel it is a great quality I have.

  • What is it that makes you forget time?

5.) Thirst for knowledge

You get to work when you want to know something very badly. Thirst for knowledge, for answers is a very powerful motivator.

  • What is it that you want full knowledge of before you die?

6.) No thought…just do it.

More often than not, you know what you have to do, but maybe you are too lazy or making excuses for not doing it. At this moment, put all your thoughts aside and just do it. The decision has been taken and now it is time to work. So get on it. No excuses!

Type of thoughts that don’t make you work

While strengthening powerful thoughts, you also need to look at unnecessary thoughts which resist you from working. Not thinking unnecessary thoughts is as important and more difficult than thinking useful thoughts.

Remember that it takes more effort to not think something than to think a specific thought.

So here are list of thoughts which you slowly need to become aware of and discard them from your life.

  • worry about little things – Just recently I discovered that my focus has always been shaken by such concerns about little things. These are ordinary things that we worry about everyday. You will notice them if you pay enough attention to your mind. Such things don’t let you think big. You simply have to destroy these worries and only focus on what you want.
  • Justifying procrastination – procrastination is bad, but justifying it is worse. We are not machines and we tend to procrastinate important tasks some day. But we should never justify it.
  • Distractions – Every thought that doesn’t add to your focus takes away a part of it.

I could add more to this list but maybe you’ve got the point. You need to always guard your mind and not let such distractions grow.


Your thoughts lead to actions. You need powerful thoughts to make bold moves. By powerful I don’t mean grand. Power of a thought is measured by its intensity, its one pointed-ness.

‘I want to change the world” is not a powerful thought. It is a fantasy.

‘I want to use my next hour in most effective way!’ Now that is a powerful thought. It makes you do it! So go for it.

If this post was inspiring, you can download my first published e-book for free here. 25 ideas. It is a short read but surely leave you inspired!

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