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Using emotional energy for motivated life

I want to become a chess grand master. It is just one line. But behind it, there is a story of a person who has a sharp and highly creative mind.A persistent, bold and inspiring character. It is a story of someone who is bored of mediocrity and is not afraid of madness. A person who doesn’t care about judgement or attention of others. A story of someone who would go to any lengths for freedom.

The desire to become that person is what drives me to take action. Question is,

  • How strongly am I obsessed with that personality? And how do I fall in love madly with it?

Your love affair with your Desire

The stronger my love, stronger and bolder my actions towards it. Emotions like desire and love create a great force of actions. We all have that capacity but we never use it, because we let them be driven by our compulsion. 

Our emotional forces are scattered. I see something on social media, I desire that. Next moment I see something else, I want that. My mind is distracted. My thoughts are everywhere. How can I possibly hope to generate a force that can break through?

I have had distracted days and l have felt typical, normal and boring. I want something mad. I want an explosion, a burst of energy. I want to break limits. And so, I cannot settle for mediocrity. I need to learn to channel my energies to move in one direction.

What we all need is a consciously generated obsession. A well thought and well crafted desire that will drive all our actions. When energy moves in one direction, it creates a huge force. We have been given all these powers as humans. It is a shame to die without them ever being used. 

Ask yourself, Do you want to be distracted and keep scrolling Instagram? Or are you prepared to make an effort to consciously choose your desire? 

Creating a burning desire

I have noted that it is not easy for most of us to have a burning desire. I have tried many times to fall in love with something, but after a few days I would be distracted again. Our mind has a tendency to keep going back to its current patterns of thought and behavior. And so, feeding it a new way of thinking is a huge task.

Here are some ways I will try to create and sustain a desire.


Self-hypnosis is a method to silent your conscious mind and give direct suggestions to the unconscious mind to create new beliefs, habits and thought patterns. It can be done in various methods. I have done self-hypnosis before and it is very effective. Only thing is that you must do it regularly and understand that changes are taking place at an unconscious level. I will probably write more about this later.

Surround Yourself with your desire

The reason I forget my obsessions is that I don’t spend enough time with them. If I want to become a grand master at chess, I need to keep feeding my mind the feeling of being a grand master. It can also help to read about a life of a grand master or have physical notes around my work-space.

If I want to be a millionaire, I need to keep constantly learning about wealth. I need to fall in love with it and behave like a lover.

Creating a desire is not enough. You must fall in love with it. That is what we mean by obsession.

Fight against social forces

Social forces, needs and so called ‘responsibilities’ have distracted me many times. This is where you actually need the ‘madness’. If you try to fit in, it will never work out. For freedom, you need to breakthrough. You need to go against the tide and take a bold position.

I feel trapped in a 9 to 5 job sometimes. I have tried to fit in, thinking there will be time to do things that I love. But now I have realized that I have to fight my own way out. I need the ‘madness’. No one knows what I want. Only I do. And only I can get myself out of these social forces and do what I really intend to do.

At first it may feel that it is a selfish thing to do. That I am only thinking about what I want and not responding to what is ‘needed’ to be done. But note that fulfilling social needs is not exactly unselfish work. You are only doing it because you have been caged by others. In your mind, there is always a longing for freedom. A prisoner cannot be unselfish. A prisoner cannot love.

Being free in thoughts and actions is more important than being caged in unselfishness. Only in freedom there is a possibility of love.

Start today

Waiting will not do you any good. Whatever you are doing, stop. Think about how you have been spending your emotions and how can you direct them towards one meaningful point. Reflection on your own behavior is the best way to improve. This post was written to help me organize my own thoughts. But I hope it helped you as well. Here are some questions that will get you thinking:

  • What is the most intense feeling I have had, and what actions did it lead me to?
  • How can I generate such intense feelings of love and desire towards my dreams?
  • Where are my emotions spent these days? How strong are they? And how can I redirect them?
  • What are three things for which I am ready to fight against the world?

9 thoughts on “Using emotional energy for motivated life

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    1. Thank you very much. I am glad to hear from you. 🙂 After writing first book I took a little break to think about how to continue blog. So I am back now and I hope to write more frequently.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. Good one..Now I am curious about Self hypnosis.
    A prisoner cannot explore the possibility of love… Beautiful said. Being selfish without feeling guilty is an art..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much.. Yes self hypnosis is surely an uncommon but very powerful thing to learn. It is a method of giving suggestions directly to unconscious mind in order to make changes in one’s behavior. It works well with some practice..:)


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