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Don’t lose your touch with creation!

The secret of work is to involve all your energies in the task at hand. Whatever you are doing, put your whole life into it. That is the way to penetrate deeper into creation. If you know one grain of sand, entire desert is known. If you know one drop, the ocean is known. But to know that one drop, you must concentrate on it with all life energies that you have.

I am involved in various activities in life which I want to master. But sometimes I become confused about which one should be my priority. Which one should I do more of? and why? So at this moment, at 5 AM, reflecting on that I came to an important idea which drives all my actions.

Beauty of creation

All the things that I do are related somehow to process of creation. And I can’t get in touch with that process if I don’t give full attention to things I do. If I am studying chess, I must involve deeply in that act. If I am learning new music or studying new design, I must involve fully in that. I must never forget that I enjoy these things because when I go deep into it, I really touch the source of creation. When I analyze deeply a beautifully played game of chess, it is the same feeling as understanding deepest aspects of architectural masterpiece. All things ultimately give similar sense of wonder towards creation.

To choose is difficult

Time being limited, sometimes I am not able to do all that I want. To focus on one thing becomes difficult. But that doesn’t mean I have to give up things that I enjoy. I realize that all these various actions are shaping my uniqueness. The pattern of thinking in architecture is shaping my pattern of thinking in chess or music. So I don’t want to choose one. The solution is not in giving up one for the sake of other. So what is the way?

Touch the depth of creation

Achieving mastery in various fields will take longer time. But what always excites me is the depth. The deeper I understand something, more enjoyable it is. The solution is to learn the secret of work, train your mind to involve fully and deeply into the task that you are doing. Some things you do may not give you money, that can be discouraging only if you do not touch the depth of creation. For example, I play music or write this blog for a hobby and it does not give me any returns. But these are few of the most enjoyable things I can do (and want to do) in life.

Ultimately, all that I am interested in is creation. Various activities in life are various forms of the process of creation. I don’t have a straightforward path where I have one simple goal and I will do everything to achieve it. I have a path which is more complex. It looks like a web, and I have to understand how all the layers connect with each-other. I have a path which doesn’t lead to a destination, but rather a path which is becoming a destination itself. Slowly as I learn to connect all different layers, they are tending towards one idea.

It seems that when I am finally see all these different things as one, the path will become the destination!

This post was written to remind me to go deeper in everything that I do. I must do something only if I am ready and committed to give all of myself into it, otherwise I must not do it at that time. The advantage of having various activities in life is that the scope your mind becomes wider. The disadvantage is that to achieve focus is hard. And so, I must learn the secret of work!

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  1. I am also sailing in the same boat right now. Trying to understand myself and my priorities. I am not a person who can stick to one think I like, my energies keep shuffling between what my state of mind is. But its scary at times as time is short and no of micro goals keep increasing in the list.I am too in the process of shifting my erratic schedule to 5am club.hopefully I succeed in that. But one thing I would like to tell you whatever you plan for ,don’t stop writing. You really write well. I have already downloaded your book will surely read whenever possible. I enjoy reading your post, which resonates the combination I look for, the deeper meaning of life . Happy writing ✍

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