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Presence is what you need right now!

  • How much of today did you really live?
  • How many minutes were you fully in touch with life around you?

I am usually dissatisfied with my answers to these questions. Of all the time that I am awake, I am barely truly living a single minute of the day. My mind is constantly occupied by some thoughts or the other. It is the case with majority of us. If this keeps on going, we will spend entire life like zombies, unaware of the beauty of life and the moment.

This post is about reminding you that the most important thing we need right now is to come back in touch with life, and life is happening only here and now. Life is not there in thoughts of past or future. Life is only happening with this breath.

Habit of being present

Changing this mechanical way of life requires us to form new habit. We urgently need to learn to be mindful. All our work, thoughts and desires are only secondary. Before we achieve anything else, we need to learn to be here and now.

Beauty of the empty mind

I have started to wake up at 4:00 AM since a few days. I enjoy the silence of the morning. All other brainwaves are quiet, and I can hear my own thoughts clearly. When I meditate during this time, I feel the beauty of a quiet mind. Even for a second, if you can get all your thoughts to disappear, you know that stillness is all that you need.

All of us need more of that stillness. We must actively seek to bring it back in our lives.

The importance of being present must not be taken lightly. Our quality of presence means the life we feel within and around us. So,

  • What are the things you can start doing right now to create a habit of mindfulness?

2 thoughts on “Presence is what you need right now!

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  1. I need this right now! My brain is full of the wrong things. I think constantly about the past and worry for the future. You have reminded me that I need to be living today! Thank you


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