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5 Unique ideas to overcome writer’s block

Look around you. You are surrounded by a world full of mind-blowing words, ideas and patterns. Creativity has no end. Imagination is limitless. Look at your own brain. It has a huge potential. It has a mindblowing size of storage space and creativity. Then the question is:

Why do writers experience writer’s block?

Writer’s block can be defined as a blockage which interrupts your creative flow and makes it difficult for you to produce new work. I can think of several reasons why this happens:

1.) lack of novelty

When you listen to your favourite music for the first time, it feels great. So you listen to it again. Then again and over and over for a few days. A week later you don’t enjoy that song as much as you did for the first time. Notice that the music was always the same, but your mind reacted to it differently to it, because it needs novelty.

Similarly, your writing needs novelty, new music, new patterns, new rhythms. It doesn’t mean that your old writing is bad. The brain just needs something new!

2.) You are trying hard to create a masterpiece.

I have fallen in this trap when I was in college. When designing an architectural project, I would try very hard to achieve beauty. As a result I would be stuck because I was so concerned about how it would look.

I realised that masterpieces cannot be created consciously. They just happen. If you try to make a beautiful blog post or a perfect novel, you will have a hard time creating anything.

Beauty is not in your hands. It will not come on demand. It will just happen when you get the correct combination of hard-work, love and dedication.

3.) You are worrying too much about the audience

Yes, your readers are important. But your writing gets affected when you think too much about how your readers will perceive it.

Remember that writing is a creative expression. There is an intimate bond between you and your written work. When you worry about the audience, you spoil this bond and thus the creative flow.

4.) You need a deeper connection with your own mind

Whenever I feel that my ideas are becoming shallow and mainstream, I try to establish a deeper connection with my mind.

The world of distractions may not let you go deeper within yourself. But deep within you is the only original creative source. All else is secondary.

5.) It is only your belief

Ahhh yes, the mind is very tricky. It can easily fool yourself into thinking that you have a ‘writer’s block’. Just dig a bit deeper and analyze yourself honestly. Is it only laziness or procrastination speaking with a mask of a ‘writer’s block?’.

As I said earlier, your mind is full of creative abilities. One of them is also fooling itself! So beware of this trap. Shed light on the behaviour of your own thoughts.

Ways to overcome writer’s block

If you have found the correct reason for your block, you may already know the solutions. But I have some unique ideas to offer you which can be useful in any creative task. So read on!

1.) Diversify your mind

I rarely experience a creative block. I think the reason is that my mind is involved in many different activities such as chess, architecture, music and writing. All of these areas require different ways of thinking. I feel it is a huge benefit because it allows me to use one way of thinking into another area.

A creative blockage comes when we tend to think in repetitive patterns. But if your mind is diversified, it knows many different ways of thinking and rarely gets trapped into one way of thinking.

Try to learn skills which involves different ways of thinking. For example:

  • Learning a musical instrument
  • Engage in your favourite sport
  • Play memory games
  • Engage in mathematical and analytical problems
  • Exercises of ‘what if’ thinking
  • Exercise your visualization power

All these skills require different ways of thinking. developing your mind in such a diversified way takes time, but it has long term benefits. The best part of your mind is the ability to abstract and connect different areas.

2.) Play with the tools of your work (Type, write, Talk!)

When we got stuck in architectural design process, we were suggested to use different mediums. For example, if we were working with plan drawing, we were told to make physical models and 3d models.

Architectural plan, sections, elevations, 3d model, software models are various tools we have for designing. Playing with the tools like this allowed us to see our design from a different perspective. It is really helpful when you are stuck.

What are the tools and mediums for writing and composing?

On a physical level, you can type ,write or speak (record) your work.

When you type, your mind works at a different pace and character than when you write with the pen and paper. It is drastically different when you speak and record your intended piece of writing!

If you feel blocked with writing, may be try and record yourself, and then put down those words in writing. I am sure it will be a wonderful experience!

I have often found that talking out loud to myself brings up words effortlessly, and then I translate them into written words.

3.) Generate conversations with friends

If your mind is feeling a block, try and get it out in front of someone else! It is a simple but very effective way. Talk about your ideas with your friends, get them out and brainstorm.

No ‘writer’s block’ can survive the force of a strong creative conversation with a friend!

4.) Embrace the gap

As I shared a Mozart quote in my previous post,

Silence is very important. The silence between the notes are as important as the notes themselves


You may be in the mode of silence. Embrace it. You need to have this gap so that you can allow new fresh ideas come through it.

This entire post was generated from a comment by another blogger on 10 Mozart quotes to inspire the β€˜Genius’ within you.

5.) Tap into your 3 sources

Experience, reflection and research are the 3 most important sources you have. Check out the 3 most important sources for your next blog post to know more about it. πŸ™‚


I hope these ideas would help you lift the burden of ‘writer’s block’. I will end with the useful questions you can ask yourself:

  • What is the true reason for my feeling of creative block?
  • What skills can I develop to be able to think in various different patterns?
  • How can I play with the composition of words?
  • Can I record a speech about my topic/idea for writing?
  • Whom can I freely talk about my writing topics?

Thank you for reading. πŸ™‚ If you are feeling a writer’s block, feel free to get it out on the comments section. As I said, a good conversation with a friend will help you alot in overcoming it.

24 thoughts on “5 Unique ideas to overcome writer’s block

Add yours

    1. Thank you Shriya. πŸ™‚
      I will be writing more about blogging: bloggers and I will try to make a blog post regarding your question. But for now here are a few short suggestions I would give to young bloggers:
      1.) Pick a niche, a line – Find something you are really good at and only blog about that specific area. Writing about random thoughts is okay for a hobby, but not great if you are planning to achieve some success in blogging.
      2.) Make it a learning process – For young bloggers, blog should be more of a learning process. Try to research and learn new things for every blog post that you make. It Should benefit your knowledge as much as your readers.
      3.) Have patience- Success in blogging is a long term process. It takes years to establish a strong, successful blog which can make you money. Young bloggers especially may find it hard to be patient.
      As I said, have the intention of learning first!
      4.) Make your content unique and original- Youth is full of energy and creativity. So dig deeper into yourself and bring out unique ideas and present them to the world. Experiment and explore..!
      5.) Make blogger friends- Reading a blog is like reading the character of a blogger. It is a great opportunity to know like minded people and connect deeply which no other social media offers.

      These are some ideas I could think of, I hope they help you ☺.

      Liked by 4 people

  1. They r indeed creatively unique ideas.I liked your bend towards divergent thinking,which not all bloggers apply to generate solution. Sarthak I would love to nominate you for an award in my upcoming nomination post. Hope you accept it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Gauri. I am glad you liked the post. Yes, divergent thinking is a very unique way to deal with any kind of creative block. It helps me alot.
      And thank you for nominating me. I will surely accept your award!😊


    1. You are welcome. Yes, i think these ideas can work in any area where we feel a creative block and also as you said polishing our skills. Thanks for reading 😊


  2. I love how you address the mental level to a lot of your topics. That is what gets to the fundamentals and is where lasting change happens.

    Fix the root cause, not address the symptoms.

    These are definitely unique ideas. Uncovering them requires a lot of objective observation and self-reflection to uncover, this makes them difficult to come by unless you are internally still and listening.

    I appreciate your work 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Brandon. yes, you are right. The lasting changes happen in the mind. That is why I always emphasize it. As you said, fix the roots.

      yes, it has taken years of reflections and struggle within myself to discover these idea. Everyday I grow and I tend to direct my mind only in a positive and empowering direction. I enjoy it very much..

      Thank you for your kind words! πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hey Sarthak,
    First of all thank you for liking my post, The knot came undone. That ‘block’ lead me here😊.
    I completely concur with every point you wrote in this article. Especially about other medium of writing..I have been mulling on this for a while. Not sure how to go about recording without seeming like a lunatic talking to herself😝 (I live in a joint family).
    Well, thank you for all the good ideas to overcome ths roadblock to a good writing experience.

    Liked by 1 person

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