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My first eBook: 25 Ideas of intellectual and spiritual freedom

Intellectual freedom is the freedom to choose your state of mind anytime you want. Intellectual freedom comes from the knowledge that all limitations exist only in the mind. And all limitations can be broken simply by choosing the right mindset. Once the limitations are broken in the mind, one can easily take action in the outer world to progress in any area of life.

Spiritual freedom is the freedom of spirit, the knowledge of Atman, the one infinite that is behind all finite creation. The one immaterial which is behind all material. To reach that One, the non-dual is the ultimate freedom.

This short book is an exploration of ideas from success to spirituality. It starts from fundamental ideas such as focus, persistence, and willpower which are essential for success.ย But as the book builds up, a surprising journey to ‘know oneself’ begins. One starts asking questions that one never asked before. One gets glimpses thatย there is something beyond the ordinary life that he has been living for years.ย It leads to questioning everything that was taken for granted.

After everything is questioned, one starts discovering ideas that are really meaningful, ideas that point towards the ultimate truth, the freedom from all bondage. The search for success slowly transitions into a search for the ‘true self.’ The last few ideas talk about the highest levels of thought that the human race has reached. In the end, the book leaves you with a question that will make you rethink your life.

Composed of inspiring words, insights, quotes from spiritual masters, and beautiful Zen stories, this book is certainly an amazing read and will surely leave you thinking about your life, your core values, and your identity!

Here is the link to the book!


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  1. Outstanding work, it hits on the most striking and important ideas to make as one’s goals. ” All I want is the muscles of iron and nerve of steel, inside which dwell a mind of the same material… ”

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