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The way chess games are won…(An approach to life)

I often find a lot of lessons about life from chess. I have already posted two articles which are about the lessons of strategy and decision making in life.

Winning against a strong chess player is not easy. It requires continuous concentration, focus, persistence, calculation, patience and identifying and exploring every small opportunity that you get.

I have been recently thought about an approach to life and career which learns from the way chess games are won. Here are the two most important point that should be applied to life! πŸ™‚

1.) Learn not to lose before you learn to win!

In chess, trying to win too much can sometimes lead you to weaken your position, and if the opponent manages to exploit that weakness you end up losing the game. So it is always important to be careful about the moves that can lead to loss.

Similarly life is not about all or nothing. If you don’t get what you want, make sure that you don’t lose what you already have. If your strategy is right, there will come a time to win. But for now, hold on and don’t lose.

Learn to maintain your strengths and stability in all aspects of life: finance, career, relationships, health, mental strength, discipline, well being..etc. Eliminate your weaknesses. Stand like a strong tree rooted so deep in the earth that nothing can shake it. Then you can grow the way you want.

2.) Build up the game move by move, Don’t rush for checkmate!

Even with the stable and strong position, the opponent king is far away. You can’t head straight to checkmate the king. A strong chess player doesn’t care about checkmate at the moment. He is only interested in building up further, finding and creating weak spots in opponents camp and placing and advancing his own pieces to better and better squares.

Each square, each piece and each move has to be taken into consideration. Every move is the most important move at the moment. One has to FIND, really look deeply and FIND the best moves. With a series of such best moves you get closer and closer to win.

In life, I find myself sometimes thinking too much about the final outcome, about how I would win, get what I want. Then I remember this subtle and deep understanding about how a chess game is won. It really brings me back. I am amazed how well it applies to life!

Life needs you to pay attention to each aspect, each opportunity at this particular moment. Yes, you want to win, but life needs you here and now, performing at your best capacity. It needs you using your full intelligence and awareness right now! It needs you to FIND best opportunities and make best decisions. You will not win right now, but with each best decision you make you are surely getting closer and closer to win!


These were two important points that I needed to note in my life right now! I hope they help you too! Of course there is a lot more needed to win a game, but these two are general and very important points that also apply to life. Here are some questions for you.

  • Have you been paying attention to improve each important aspect of life right now? Do you take small improvements each day to move closer to your ultimate goal?
  • What are your weaknesses? What decisions can possibly lead to losing what you already have? How can you avoid them?
  • How can you make every aspect of your life unshakably strong?

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    1. Haha true!, it is a hoax that getting what we want will make a difference. But unless we are calm and peaceful now, we will not be able to enjoy even when we get there!
      Thank you πŸ™‚


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