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5 things young bloggers should always keep in mind

It feels good when young people start a blog instead of posting selfies on Instagram. Blogging is a way of expressing yourself and it is not easy. A good blog, good writing takes effort. This post is to encourage those youngsters and give them some valuable points to consider for their blog.

On the other hand, youth is relative. Someone can feel young even after the age of 60. So if you think you are still young, go on.

1.) Pick a line

A person can express oneself in all kinds of random ways. You can write about all the random things that happen with you, or you can find one thing that you are really good at.

Readers are attracted by patterns. When your blog posts are too random, there is no pattern. Therefore readers don’t get a lasting interest in your blog.

On the other hand if all your blog posts are surrounded by one or two central ideas, there is a strong pattern in your blog. Not only it is interesting for your readers, but it also helps you grow your knowledge about the area you really love.

When you have written a lot about one specific line, your personality and uniqueness starts becoming apparent. When you read your own blog, you can feel your personality.

For example, my blog majorly revolves around the ideas of self-help, personal growth and expanding the horizons of our mind. Everything I write must be related to that. After having written 50 posts about these topics, I can see very strong patterns in my writing and my personality.

2.) Make it a learning process

Learning through your blog should be the first priority. With your blog, you have the opportunity to research and read about your favorite topics.

Whatever line you pick, there is always something more to know.  Try to research and learn new things for every blog post that you make. It Should benefit your knowledge as much as your readers.

3.) Have patience

The youth today is used to instant gratification with likes and comments. Remember that a blog is not a social media platform. This is a long term expression and reviewing of your personality.

Building a successful blog takes years. If you are new and young in the blogging world, you will surely feel frustration because of very few readership.

If you believe that your idea is strong, you should persist and have patience. Focus on learning more than getting followers. When you have built enough useful and unique content, the readers will find their way to your blog.

4.)  Find your uniqueness

When you write one word, it triggers more words. More words trigger even more and so it reaches the connections you have established deep within your mind. Writing is about bringing out those deep connections that you have with one word or and idea.

If I write the word ‘time’, you will come up with your unique set of words or even poems expressing your ideas about time. It is not about the word ‘time’ itself. It has more to do with the connections that you can bring up. Stronger and deeper connections will bring up more and more unique and original ideas.

You should use writing to find those unique deeper connections within your mind. they don’t come out unless they are dug out through a conscious process.

Check out this post to see what my unique connections with the word time. The illusion of time.

5.) Make blogger friends

Reading a blog is like reading the character of a blogger. It is a great opportunity to know like minded people and connect deeply which no other social media offers.

I am able to connect deeply with bloggers just by reading a few words written by them. Blogging world is a place where power of words is maximum. Use it to connect with new people.


The single most important thing is to look at your blog as a platform to grow. In the beginning, the numbers of your followers don’t matter as much as the quality and uniqueness of your contents. Here are some questions that might help you look at your blog through in a different way:

  • What is one area that I am good at, and I would like to learn about more?
  • When I read my blog, what kind of a person I imagine? Who would be writing all these?
  • Do I sense a strong pattern and useful ideas growing through my blog? List them.
  • Does my blog help the reader in any way? Why would someone (or even myself) want to read what I have written? List down reasons.
  • How can I use my blog to grow my knowledge?

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  1. This is much needed valuable advice! Thank you so much!! Also it would be great if you could check out my blog and review it..I’m looking forward to learn a lot from you 😁

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