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Importance of finding more clarity in life

Clarity is one of the great qualities of high achieving people. They are always clear about what they want, always. They know exactly what they are after, and why. This post explores the importance and the ways of finding clarity in your goals and life.

If you know your destination and a path to go there, your journey can be effortless regardless of its length. On the other hand, not knowing where to go is very frustrating. Taking one single step can be doubtful when you have no clarity about your path or destination.

When you have clarity about what you want, nothing can distract you. And when you are not clear about your values and goals, almost every new thing will drag you in its way.

Why should you find clarity in life?

Here are some reasons to motivate you to start finding your clarity.

1.) You become clear about what you want.

Before anything else, clarity itself is very satisfying. When you become clear, you feel like the fog has been cleared and now you know what you want. That in itself is a great beginning.

2.) Your motivation finds its direction

Sometimes you don’t need motivation, you already have it. What you need is a proper direction where this motivation can be used. If you are a naturally hard-working person, you are mostly full of motivation and energy towards your work. What you need is a clear path to direct all that energy and translate it into work.

3.) Clarity brings confidence:

A sense of knowing the answers to what you want in life is a great feeling. Finding clarity is an act of facing the real questions and answering them. Doing this will surely help you feel more confident.

4.) You will not waste time anymore!

Your life is made of time, and you will be able to use it properly when you have clear mind. Even in your ‘free time’, your clarity will poke you to do something useful in a direction that you want to go. Your mind will not let you waste your precious time once it knows what to do.

5.) Clarity brings focus

Clarity and focus are brothers, and they are always found together. You bring clarity, focus comes automatically with it! In other words, it is hard not to be focused when you are clear about what you want!

6.) Clarity stimulates the subconscious mind

Vague and distracted thoughts are weak. They never reach to your subconscious mind. Clear and focused thoughts are like lazer. They penetrate deep into your subconscious mind and awaken it to look for the answers beyond your conscious capacity.

Ways of finding more clarity

Having seen a few reasons, now you are ready to apply the ways. Here are some ways that will help you become more clear:

1.) You have to ‘FIND’ and ‘CREATE” clarity

You must have heard this saying: “You can’t hit a target that you can’t see.” But it is not only about seeing the target. You must create a target first in order to see it!

In chess, when our opponent has no weakness in his camp, we should try and create it! If your life doesn’t present you with anything joyful to do, you must search, find and create something.

Finding and creating the clarity of life takes effort. That is why so few people ever do it! You need to make a decision to put an effort, sit with a pen and a paper to bring clarity in every area of life. It is not going to magically drop one day! You must write it down!

2.) Divide your life into different areas

Life is too complex for our conscious mind. That makes it hard to find complete clarity about the whole life simultaneously. It is too huge a bite. A way of dealing with complexity is to sort it out layer by layer.

So it helps to divide your life into health, relationships, career, financial status and spirituality. Write down how you want each area of life to be, and then find congruence between all these areas.

3.) Ask questions

Questions are the most wonderful tools we have! It is wonderful that a question can lead one to live the entire life finding a solution! A question is a challenge, which makes you uneasy till you find the answer. That is the power of a question.

Ask questions about each area of your life.

  • How is your health right now? How do you want it to be?
  • How do you go from where you are to where you want to reach?
  • How much time should I give myself to reach there?
  • What is my career status right now?
  • Where do I want my ideal career to look like?
  • How do I bridge this gap?


Write down the important questions about each valuable area of life and answer them. This act will bring a lot more clarity for you.

4.) Visualize

As you answer the questions, visualize them and see clearly how all areas of your life are working together, in congruence with each-other. Visualization enables you to see and even live your ideal life right now! Use this creative imagination to see how things fit in your future.

See yourself as healthy as you wanted. See your career as ideal as you imagined. Look at your lifestyle exactly the way you imagined. Feel all those things and know how great it feels!

Visualizing also helps you to know some things which you don’t really need! Sometimes we end up creating a goal that feels great right now, but it may not be something we ever needed.

Common example: I want to be a millionaire!

This may feel really great at once, but when you visualize your ideal future, you may find that there is no need to become millionaire! You may live the best of your life without becoming a millionaire.

5.) Eliminate the unnecessary

There are loads of distractions which are keeping your mind ‘busy’ and making you procrastinate this act of bringing clarity. Get rid of those unnecessary activities. It is when you clear the dust on the mirror, you will see the perfect and clearest reflection. 

6.) Simplify

The whole point of bringing clarity is to simplify your life so that your mind has an uninterrupted focus for living. Sometimes we want too many things and thus complicate life even further.

As explained earlier, the goal of becoming a millionaire may be good for someone else, but not necessarily for you. Find out exactly what you want, and simplify your life by giving up everything else.


Finding clarity is an act of shaping your life into only essential elements that you want in your life. It is like a sculptor shaping a sculpture from the rock, by carefully removing the stone which is unnecessary. When the burden is lifted, the shape reveals itself.

You will become a lot clear with your first attempt at finding clarity. But know that this is an ongoing process. You will have to keep removing the dust to keep the mirror clean!

Good luck and thank you for reading! 🙂

10 thoughts on “Importance of finding more clarity in life

Add yours

    1. Yes, you are right.:) If you don’t Know where to go, life may surprise you. But I think it is like leaving our fate on chance.
      Also, finding clarity doesn’t mean that we will not face unknown. After all each next moment of life is unknown. Clarity gives you some strong points to anchor on, that’s all. The journey from one point to the other is completely through unknown! That’s the great fun:)
      In bringing clarity, we are enjoying both our creative ability and also the exploration of unknown. It is better than either of them in isolation. I think the best way would be to bring balance between both. 🙂

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Really appreciate it. It is great to have discussions like this.😊

      Liked by 1 person

    1. You are welcome:) I am glad it was helpful to you. Yes, I think in today’s age, we have a more need to eliminate and simplify things than anything else. It can really help reduce our overloaded minds if we could drop some of the unnecessary things and just focus on what matters!
      Thank you and good luck! 😊


  1. I love it!

    Clarity is one of those words that pack so much meaning in a few syllables.
    It can be easy to overlook 🤔

    Clarity in what you want, the obstacles that stand in your way, and how you’ll deal with them is something all successful people share.

    It’s closely related to the power of visualizations too!

    I’ve written extensively on this, it’s a hot topic for sure!

    Very well written.
    Thank you for sharing 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! Yes very rightly said. Clarity in what you want and how to deal with our obstacles is a great quality that can be found in successful people!
      And yes, visualization is also very helpful for clarity!
      Thanks for reading:)

      Liked by 1 person

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