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5 quick reminders to awaken your lost motivation in work and life.

I love to play chess. It is not an exaggeration to say that without chess, I would feel incomplete. It is the absolute love for me. And yet, there are a few days when I don’t feel that love and passion. We all go through times when we lose passion with our work and life.

If you are going through such times, remember that your motivation is completely under your control. You have the power to change your mindset and bring back that enthusiasm again for your work and life. Here are a few quick reminders to help you with that:

1.) Why did you begin?

It is very common that once we start walking on a path, the initial motivation starts to fade. So it is absolutely essential to sustain that initial spark of motivation as you go along.

Keep visualizing what it would be like when you have achieved your goal. Goals are the food for your mind. Without them, it is easy to get distracted. Goal setting is not a one day job. You have to review them everyday and feed them to your mind.

Motivation is something you feed your mind. If you don’t feed your mind for a day or two, clearly you will find it difficult to get out of bed.

So remember your goals right now. Polish your mind, remove that dust and see the clearly shining future of yours. Live it right now, with all the emotions that you wanted!

2.) It WILL take longer than you thought.

When we set our goals, we are excited about its completion and achievement. As we start taking actions, we realise that it is far far away. It is another obvious reason to get demotivated.

The problem with most people is that they want it all now. But it is not how it works. People succeed after years of dedicated work and thousands of failed attempts. People succeed because of patience and persistence.

We set our goals and deadlines for organizing our actions. But we never know the exact time that it would take to reach where we want to. Only thing you can do is to take required actions, analyze them and then improve upon them. Do not expect the results to be delivered to you when you want.

3.) There is no turning back.

A thought of turning back and doing something else is another demotivator. When you try something and it doesn`t work, the first reaction is to give up and go back.

Burn all the bridges. The thought of turning back and do something else is the biggest distraction. You WILL have this thought without doubt, and you must commit that you will not turn back. Forward is the only direction you want to go. Take actions as if there is no retreat.

You might find this story very inspiring.

“A long while ago, a great warrior faced a situation which made it necessary for him to make a decision which insured his success on the battlefield. He was about to send his armies against a powerful foe, whose men outnumbered his own. He loaded his soldiers into boats, sailed to the enemy’s country, unloaded soldiers and equipment, then gave the order to burn the ships that had carried them. Addressing the men before the first battle, he said, “You see the boats going up in smoke. That means that we cannot leave these shores unless we win! We now have no choice—we win—or we perish! They Won.”

From Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill

4.) Strengthen your desire

Goals are the fuel for motivation, but desire is the fuel for goals! May be you haven’t forgotten your goals. You can still visualize them, but you have lost the soul behind them- the desire!

Why do you want what you want? What is the feeling? Go to your depth and reach it back again!

The fear of failure and the lack of expected results can make you want to quit, desire will always help you look forward. A burning desire is an impulse which has an unstoppable force.

And remember: You don’t have burning desire, you must create the burning desire.

5.) Mastery is the only way

There is simply no other way. No short-cuts. You have to achieve mastery in any area to get significant results. Mastery only brings out your depth and uniqueness. Have a desire for achieving mastery and the results will follow when there is time.

Make hard choices. To achieve mastery is not easy. It takes focus and time. You will find your desired rewards after achieving mastery in any field. But the biggest reward is the inner satisfaction of the time, work and discipline put into one idea.


“Don’t try to start the work. Try to finish the work.” An experienced and quite a successful person told me one day. And as I thought about it, I came to realise that it is a really good advise.

Many people tend to keep jumping from one area to another, never achieving significant results in any area. They want to ‘start everything’, but never ‘finish’ what they had already started.

So Keep your mind focused, committed and work hard. Keep feeding yourself motivation or else you will not find it in your brain!

Hope this adds value to your life. Thank you for reading!

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19 thoughts on “5 quick reminders to awaken your lost motivation in work and life.

Add yours

    1. Yes, a person who gave me this advise was a really experienced and successful person. He said that the problem with today’s young generation is that most of them keep jumping on to new things without completing one. So they don’t get any significant results in any area.

      Thank you for your comment. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  1. So much here. I’m just going to note that I learned of that book a few years ago. However, lately, it’s come up so much, it’s beyond coincidence our synchronicity. I reckon I should read it. : )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Think and grow rich? Yes, it is a nice book, very motivating and helps direct your mind on some crucial aspects about mind. I think everyone should read it at least once. 🙂
      Also, Murph would like it 🤣😜

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes, that one. It appears the universe has spoken, “Read the &$@! Book, Dawn!!”
        😮 [Giggle] Afterwards Murph’s conclusion could be, “Hmmm … these humans may be smarter than they act or sound.” He’d look cute reading with some itty bitty Benjamin Franklin specs.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. You may be correct there. Wouldn’t that be cute! I can probably make him a set with thin wire, benders & snips. I can rest the ear pieces on a couple of spikes. Yes, he’s my cool lil’ lizard dude.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I loved it.
        Infact from past few days, I was struggling with it, but after reading your blog, I guess, I have got some motivation to get back on track.😊
        So, thank you once again.

        Liked by 1 person

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