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True freedom can be found only in emptiness.

On what basis do we act in this world? What is the cause of our being exactly the way we are?

Think about your goals, your deepest desires in life. And ask yourself about the origins of those fantasies. When was the first time for all these emotions and how did they take place inside you? It is always something outside which causes us to desire.

For example,

  • A child is inspired by a great sportsman, which gives a birth to a desire saying, “I want to be as good as him one day!”
  • Going through some painful experience gives birth to a desire of relieving others of that pain.
  • One day I feel that I have gathered some valuable informations and insights in my life and that creates a desire to share it with others. And so a blog takes place.
  • Or take an example of a prince, who saw old age, sickness and death for the first time in life at the age of 29 and had a burning desire to find the ultimate truth.

Pay attention to all your little fears, thousands of things that you are afraid of everyday. A school teacher, a boss at work, parents, colleagues..etc. Not only our fears, but our aspirations and desires are also derived from the same social web.

The feelings are important of course. Only a burning desire triggered due to external social forces could lead siddhartha to become buddha. But the idea I want to offer here is that we need to stop identifying ourselves with them.

We have become so automatic that these fears and worries have become too ingrained part of our day.

  • We are not what we desire
  • We are not our fears
  • We are not what our parents or friends think we are
  • We are not who we think we are
  • We are not anything that has been said to us through all these years..
  • We are not our work or our profession.

But we tend to naturally identify with them, and come under a grand illusion of ego. We need to drop All these identities. All these social concepts are only there for comfortably functioning in the world. But the ego takes them very seriously.

We have lost true freedom because we have let the surroundings take over our life. It is time to become more aware, and remove unnecessary things from our identification.

We do not require more, We require less. We need to become lesser and lesser till the point we all become truly free and empty. Empty of all false fears and desires which are results of social forces around us.

Empty your mind. Emptiness is where we will feel again our long-forgotten touch of life. In emptiness only we feel the great creative force of the universe. And in emptiness only we can feel the great inspiration to create something unseen and reach the unknown beyond the social drama.

Close your eyes. Drop all that you are not today. Knock off all false identities, Destroy all concepts of who you are and just be there in emptiness for a while…

Thank you for reading.:)

Beautiful featured image credit to Niharika Jadav. Follow her on instagram.

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