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Using Affirmations to influence your unconscious mind.

Moving to the next level in any area of life means moving beyond our current awareness. It means exploring the things which are outside of the scope of our conscious mind.

When you are putting all the conscious efforts in your life and work, it makes a huge positive difference to have just a little help from the vast treasure of the unconscious mind. Because sometimes there are deeply rooted beliefs or habits, which are working against our conscious efforts, and the only way to change it is to influence the unconscious mind.

Using Affirmations is one of the most effective ways to create a deep change. So here are a few key steps to keep in mind:

1.) Create a receptive mind.

Your unconscious mind has to become receptive before it can accept any kind of suggestions. This state of mind can be easily achieved through relaxation and deep breathing. When your body is relaxed, your conscious mind also rests with it, allowing the unconscious to accept suggestions without interfering. (That is the key idea of hypnosis/ self-hypnosis). Without the receptive mind, affirmations will hit the wall of your conscious mind and that’s the end. No use!

2.) Use short and simple statements.

When you use a sentence which is too long and complicated, you require conscious effort to remember it while saying it. And thus there is a conscious interference, the wall of the conscious mind is up again and it stops the suggestions from seeping deep inside.

We want to avoid any kind of conscious efforts while using affirmations. Therefore its best to have short, simple and effective statements.

3.) Use present tense.

Your unconscious mind responds to whatever you suggest. It cannot reason, it only responds to the suggestions given to it. Any affirmation containing a reference to future will not work, since it is not the concern right now. Everytime you affirm in a future tense, the changes will be skipped to some day in the future (that is never), and will nullify the effect of your statement. Here are the examples:

  • “I AM fearless.” And not “I will be fearless”
  • “I AM wealthy.” and not “I will be wealthy someday.”

Even when you are affirming for a goal having a deadline, Use present tense. For example,

“I AM a millionaire on 31st December 2021.” and not “I will be a millionaire on 31st December 2021.”

4.) Use only Positive words

It is a very common mistake to use the negative words in affirmations. It can make your efforts work against you. Your unconscious mind cannot tell the difference between what is good and what is bad. It responds to the words and the meanings that you associate with them. (Unconsciously). Examples,

  • “I am FEARLESS.” or “I am Free.” and not ” I am not afraid.”
  • I choose HAPPINESS and ABUNDANCE.” and not. “I let go of my sadness, anger and misery.”

Always be aware of negative words. Because the word you use is going to be taken directly for its meaning by your unconscious mind. It doesn’t matter if you say “I release my anger”, which is positive for the conscious mind but the unconscious mind picks up anger and the feelings associated with it.

5.) Mix intense emotions

Ideas mixed with emotions have an immediate and strong impression on your unconscious mind. That is why stories are so influential. When you read a good story or watch a great movie, you go through the journey and emotions of the characters, which make a deep impression on your mind.

The unconscious mind does not like dry and emotionless statements. When you say “I am Fearless”, feel the freedom of being, feel the force of being able to do anything you want and go anywhere you like without having any doubt or fears.

When you say “I am wealthy.” Feel the possession of that wealth and the things you are able to do with it. Feel it everytime you say it. You have to generate those emotions. Using visualization with affirmation is a very strong combination to generate emotions.

That is why you have affirmations, to help you generate those strong emotions which help you attract the real thing. Affirmations are not the goal. The emotions behind them are!

6.) Use affirmations repeatedly.

Start only with one strong affirmation, but use it repeatedly. Using it once will not make any difference. The ‘feeling’ has to be told to your unconscious mind many times before the changes become apparent. It takes 21 days to replace a habit. So be patient and stick with one strong affirmation that you want.


The best times to use affirmations are at the night before going to sleep and just after waking up. Because at these times your unconscious mind is already very receptive (step 1). But whenever you do, here are the six steps in a nutshell.

  • Create a receptive mind- relax and prepare the unconscious to take in suggestions
  • Use short and simple sentences to avoid conscious interference.
  • Use present tense only
  • Use positive words only
  • Mix intense emotions to generate maximum effect
  • Use affirmation repeatedly, let it go as deep as it can, only then it can create a change.

Thank you for reading. Hope this adds value to your life. Be positive and Affirm with maximum emotions:)

Reference: Power Of SelfHypnosis For Guaranteed Results by Igor Ledochowski. It is a very interesting program designed to teach you self-hypnosis within a week. It has many interesting and useful ideas. I have taken this as a reference for this post.

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