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Concentration: The treasure hidden deep within you!

Think of some beautiful qualities in life. Stillness, simplicity, silence, rhythm, flow, Harmony, creativity, concentration. I have a feeling that we all have a great understanding of all these beautiful qualities since birth. But as we grow up living in the thick forest of opinions of the society, we tend to lose their original source which is within us. At some point we must go back to the depth of our own being to find that wisdom of life.

There is a lot of misconception about the word ‘Concentration’. We all know the need of the ability to concentrate well on any task in today`s distracted world. You will never move to the next level in any area of life unless you move your ability to concentrate to the next level. So much energy and time is wasted when one gets distracted and the mind moves from here to there, getting nowhere. Only a mind with focused and concentrated energy can get things done!

However, we treat this ability to concentrate as if it is something outside of ourselves. We treat it as a skill that needs to be improved. But like many great qualities, concentration is also a part of human nature.

Let us trace it back from the highest state described in many ancient texts. They say that when the mind is concentrated at its best, you become free from your perception of senses. You become the point at which all your energy is focused. That is the potential you had since birth. You become concentration. It means you do not learn concentration. You become concentration every time you get involved into something. Each time you get more involved, you become more of it. 

Thus one should look at it not as an external skill to develop. Skills are things you are not born with and develop for your practical use.

For example, learning to play the piano is a skill that you have to learn from outside, but Playing music is not a skill. It is a creative expression of you made available to you because of your piano-playing skills.

Therefore, do not mistaken concentration for a skill. It is the fundamental quality of human life, which you are expressing through your work. It is not anything coming from outside of you. You already have it. Only what you are seeking is to become more of it.

It means that You have a treasure inside your mind which is deeply buried under the surface full of distractions. You do not need to improve your concentration, you need to remove the garbage called distraction from the surface in order to rediscover that treasure.

Your work is the best exercise for concentration. When you remove all the unnecessary things, you open up the possibility to become one with your work. You lose a sense of time and the surroundings. The treasure of concentration is found and it is the most wonderful and satisfying feeling you can have!

Thank you for reading. I hope this has added value to your life:) If you liked this post, I have some more amorphous ideas for you! Find the links below. Enjoy 🙂

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Thank you very much. Be sure to remember that there is a lot more hidden deep within you than you know. When the surrounding world fails to give a satisfying answer, try searching within you. Throw your questions to the universe and then close your eyes, watch the thoughts run by themselves. Detach yourself from your mind and have absolute faith that the answer will come!

It will.

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