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When natural light met trees!

This image is of a pathway to my farm, A space created by natural light and trees

As an architect, I am always looking at spaces. It is always an exercise of imagination to find new kinds of spaces and their translation in to architecture. This image is from my farm, where I observed a fascinating marriage of natural light and the green leaves of the trees.

The light of the sun is continuously changing. It is a wonderful experience in itself to observe such minute changes in natural light. This light reveals the materials we see. And these materials are given the play with the ever-changing nature of the natural light that falls on them.

Hundreds of green leaves come together and form a perceivable space where I walk. And this walkway becomes magical when the light penetrates the trees. I Notice how many variations of green are there. I Notice how some of the leaves glow with light. I notice how the space is given a joyful play with various levels of filtering light. It is beauty. The beauty which was enhanced further in the silence of the lands.

The trees are the walls of this space. The walls which have a joyful agreement with the light for a play which can last as long as they exist. And I become an audience and an inhabitant of that space, who is given this beautiful pleasure of watching this play. I am grateful!

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