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A different method for setting Goals

Why does every Human on earth need a goal?

Human mind is an attention oriented entity. I wrote in my earlier article “on the nature of mind” that the mind can generate intense force with the things it can identify itself with. In other words, it needs to obsess on something to create that irresistible force of creation. And yet, YOU have to be disciplined enough to control that force and direct it towards a desired outcome. A goal is just that obsession for the mind.

Therefore, setting goals is a very important act in life. Without goals the mind does not have a direction. A mind without a direction gets distracted very easily and ends up nowhere. And also, it is a really good feeling knowing where exactly you are going.

A popular method for setting goals demand that you write down your goals everyday. If you are like me, you would have tried this method sometimes and within a week you would have forgotten to write it everyday. I thought about it and I found that this method lacks the obsession that I mentioned earlier. And also, some of the goals are so complex that you can not put it into a one short sentence with a deadline and be done with it. Goals must involve emotions, or else they do not move your mind enough. And sometimes, writing one sentence everyday is not enough.

What do I mean by complex goals?

Complex goals are those which require you to think about various aspects of your life simultaneously. It is not only involved with money, or a certain achievement, but also the events linked to it. A complex goal means simply that your financial goal is not entirely separated from your health, lifestyle, work , relationship goals..etc.

For example, If I set a 5 years goal stating, “I have 1 million dollars in my bank account by december 2023.”

This written goal is the financial goal, stating the clear amount and the deadline. But this goal does not trigger the kind of lifestyle I am after. I do want that financial goal, I do want the number, but it is also connected with a lifestyle, kind of work, a place to live, the kind of people I associate with.. All these cannot be combined in one sentence. Therefore writing one sentence is limiting, confusing and not very motivating.
And it is very difficult to write all that down everyday!

So, the method I thought of involves the use of whole body and mind and discards pen and paper. You have to break the limits of the words in setting goals. Your goals are not words, they are your obsessions, and a lifestyle. And even in setting goals, one should live them and modify them as desired in the best possible involvement of all senses, mind and body.

A Goal must be played through as a video inside your mind. Taking the example of the above mentioned goal, I can now imagine the amount in my bank. but also, I can feel the answers to all the questions related to it. I create the space and surroundings I am in. I can imagine the people I am with, and I can clearly live through the lifestyle and work related to 1 million dollars.

The most fun part in this method is that it allows you to modify or change the parts as you like them. Since you are living the whole story, you can change smaller parts of it here and there without changing your true goal. It cannot be done with written goals because they are always in parts.

A video which you can play inside your mind right before sleeping at night or right after waking up. These times are the best for the unconscious mind to receive information. It is important to note that the essence of this goal is in its intensity of involvement of all senses and emotions. You must “LIVE” that goal. It is known that the more involvement of senses makes something easily memorable. If we use our senses in the imagination of setting a goal, and live that goal, it becomes almost like a memory.

If you like this method, there is some similar imagination In my article “Breaking through words” which is about the way of designing.

On an ending note: If you are setting new goals for yourself, make absolutely sure that it is what you really want in life. Why? Because you are going to obsess about it. You do not want to be obsessing about the things you do not really want. So know what you want really. Think about your life as a whole. Ask yourself questions and answer them through your own video of goals, and attempt arrange the different parts of your life till they all fit together in a perfect harmony. It sounds fun! 🙂

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