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The importance of asking right Questions to yourself.

I have a routine. Just like most of you. In this routine. Almost all of my days for the past one and half year have been very similar to each-other. And In this routine, I sometimes feel that this kind of a routine has a negative effect on creativity. Because once you get so comfortable with the routine, you stop asking questions.

What is a question? It is a statement with the potential to threaten your existing beliefs, your knowledge, and the accepted truth. Your ego has strongly established itself in this world with the help of all its surroundings. It has created certain beliefs and behaviors for you to be accepted in the society. And guess what? It does not like questions. Because a question has a power to challenge the past, present and the future of your ego.

“Who were you before you were named?”

“Who is it that carries your corpse around?”

“Who is reading these lines, and who is it that is observing the reader?”

Only a human can ask questions. And everything that nobody else can do must be a very important faculty for us. It must be taken seriously in order to make the most of human life.

When I think about some situation in life, I divide my mind in two. One ask the questions, and the other thinks about the solutions. There is a dialogue between the two. And the clarity reached at the end of that is a true satisfaction. The point of a question is that you are not satisfied until you find the answer. Curiosity becomes the motivation and the direction for your thoughts.

It is very important to ask the right question. It is amazing to see people trying to find a solution endlessly without even asking, “what is the real problem?”

The real beauty of a question is its simplicity. A question such as ” who am I in truth?” can lead a person to seek something more than the apparent reality. Unfortunately, most people I live around ignore fundamental questions such as this. It is not taken that seriously because of the mess of their immediate worries and fears. Or maybe our society has become fond of cleverness instead of wisdom and confuse complications with intelligence. Therefore it is generally assumed that a question must be difficult to grasp to be worthy. There is no place in this society for fundamental questions about life and death.

We ask questions because we do not know. Or we can ask questions to direct and organize our thought process. In any case, it requires creative effort to seek and to find. No-one ever found anything great without asking the right questions. Any good piece of music has this sense of question and answers in their lines. It creates a flow, very easy to miss but very beautiful when realized.

A habit of question and answer creates that flow in life. A question creates a need, a desire which a person must fulfill by finding the answer. It is the beauty of duality, transformed in a simple form.

So, ask yourself one question which can direct your thoughts towards something that is important to you.

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  1. Well done and insightful! I really like the habit of asking yourself questions and focusing on the solutions not the problem. “Know thyself” comes to mind, “Question everything” and my favorite “the truth shall set you free.” Great post!

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