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How to generate positive emotions.

Written by – Sarthak
Image credit – Mohamed Nohassi on unsplash

Let’s do this short exercise.

As you read this, imagine a time and place in your life when you feel really joyful. Or imagine your fantasy place which makes you feel joy and happiness. When you find a picture of that time and place, stop and look at that picture carefully. Are you looking at the picture as an outsider? What is the size of the picture? Whatever the size, make it bigger, bodler and colourful. Make it so big that you can go inside that moment. Did you notice that making the image bigger and colourful had an immediate impact on your emotions? Take the time to notice that. Then go back again in that image and feel all the joy and happiness that you felt. Hear all the sounds that you heard, see all the things that you saw and recreate the joy by involving all your senses. Once you find that joy, I want you to ask yourself, can you increase the intensity of this emotions, at your will? Is it as easy as turning up the volume of your favourite song? If it is, do it now. Turn up the volume of your joy as high as you can.. and enjoy the moment.

Are you back yet? How do you feel? Did this exercise help you into creating the joy that was there deep within you? If it did, then you know how to do it again whenever you need to.

If you can create your own emotions at anytime, you are a machine which can generate any emotions, anytime at will. Now you don’t have to be taken down by your emotions ever. You own your emotions. It is all a game of a picture in your mind and the senses involved. If you don’t like the picture, make it small, black & white, and get out of it. And step into a picture that is truly joyful for you. 🙂

If you did the exercise, I would like to know how it went..:)

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