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Develop a burning desire.

I wanted to start today with writing about a tremendous force which drives us to take any action: A burning desire. You may be doing good with life. You are probably happy with all you have. But there is always a drive somewhere hidden to do something more and to touch higher dimensions of life or success. A burning desire is what you need to begin on that journey.

It is something you might already know, but my aim here is to help you dig deeper into yourself and bring that force of desire, which will bring a new level of enthusiasm in your life.

1.) Implant the burning desire

Let’s face it: You will not wake up some day having found this tremendous desire to do something. You will have to generate it. You have to put a conscious effort of imagining what you actually want and live through those feelings of achievement everyday in your mind.

You need to focus on one thought till the point you start obsessing about it. Only then you will find the unmovable will to act. If you read all of the above, take time to read this zen story before going to no.2. πŸ™‚

2.) It is not always an overnight process

Some people might find this strong impulse overnight because of some unforgettable event which deeply touches them. That event becomes their starting point and it is so emotionally grounded, that they don’t need any other motivation.

Take for example, the Buddha. After 29 years of life full of temporary pleasures and happiness, a prince suddenly sees death. he is so shocked that he leaves home and does not stop till he finds the answers he was looking for.

For others it takes time. You have to use your imagination everyday to let it grow. Most importantly. you must feel it.

3.) Be absolutely sure that it is exactly the thing that you want.

Make sure not to climb the ladder which is leaning against the wrong building. Define exactly what you want. There is a common mistake about this topic.

Let’s say I have a deep feeling for traveling the world. I have a list of very specific places that I want to travel. I am very emotionally attached to these places. But right now, I don’t have money. In this case, you SHOULD NOT focus on making money. FOCUS ON THE EXPERIENCE OF TRAVELING TO THOSE PLACES.

Those emotions are your potential burning desires. Money is just one of the paths that you can think of. But a burning desire like to work more with the unconscious mind, and so do all feelings. Believe me. Your conscious mind knows very little. There are so many ways to achieve what you really want, and you can let your unconscious mind find the best way.

If you still feel that money is the only way of getting there, read this zen story. I have zen story examples for almost anything πŸ˜›

4.) burning desire and detachment from outcome

Yes!, when you have one eye on the goal, you have only one on the path. This is the most difficult part. But with a bit of discipline and wisdom, you can get there. Read this zen story :P.

Hope this triggered your desire for developing a burning desire. Generate your desire today, and work towards it with a mind detached from results. A strong desire will bring great energy and excitement in your life.

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