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Water flows, Time flows and you should flow too!!

So I decide for a moment to slow down,
To breathe, to take in what is around.

I see the rocks, bold and strong
yet allowing your vision to flow endlessly.
symbols of strength and power
yet leaning to meet water gently.

I focus on water, I stare at it,
and wonder why is it at peace.
Oh that’s it. I see it,
What the busy eyes everyday miss.

Tries very hard to fall in the sky,
water takes it all in and they both fly.
Sun so harsh, trying to burn it,
Rays disperse and shine with it.

For all the good and bad that falls into it,
water takes it in and flows with it.
So I decide to give it a try,
I throw my worries and fearful soul in it.
More I focus and stare at it,
Soon my soul begins to dance with it.

This is a poem I wrote during my college trip. It was a landscape with hills and the lake. I sat where they both met and reflected on life and on nature of water…:)

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