My first eBook: 25 Ideas of intellectual and spiritual freedom

My first eBook is now published on amazon kindle. This short book is the exploration of ideas from success to spirituality. Being interested in learning about the potential of the mind, I went deep in that search. Soon the search for the mind became the search for self. The questions were raised and the answers... Continue Reading →

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The problem of Architecture

Why does all housing in the city look the same? Why are houses being sold like products with number of bedrooms attached to them? Why is there no creativity in the residential and commercial buildings that are 'produced'? Why is there so much weight given only to the design of facades and no exploration is... Continue Reading →

Best way of dealing with anger

The day before I was listening to Osho's talk. He said a very interesting story which points towards how we are living in unconscious and reactive state of mind all the time. 24 hours of the day whether awake or asleep, we are constantly unaware, sleeping, dreaming. We are not aware of our actions or... Continue Reading →

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