The illusion of time.

Every moment we live is different. It has never been and never will be. Each second of life is new and unknown. But there is a great illusion we have created about time. We have created three parts of time. Past, present and future. Also, we have numbers to measure time. We associate these numbers... Continue Reading →

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8 Useful self-help Ideas from ‘Goals’ by Brian Tracy

This post was suggested by Nida Khan. She writes book reviews, short stories and a lot of interesting posts on her blog SEEDS. My favorite post from her blog is “New found wisdom at twenty“! It expresses her journey till now and how she intends to move beyond from here. Check out her blog to know more... Continue Reading →

Awards! (Updated)

I didn't want to fill my blog with awards posts, but on the other hand I also had to accept the respect that my fellow bloggers give me by presenting me the awards. So, I am dedicating this post for the awards that I receive.I will keep updating and republishing this as a get new... Continue Reading →

Convincing yourself and others

This topic was suggested by aathmana02. There are some people you have never met except through screen, and yet you feel much closer to them than your neighbour. Aathmana is one of such blogging friends who I have discovered recently. Check out her blog Read. Love. Live for more... The topic she wanted me to... Continue Reading →

How to make your mornings beautiful

This topic was suggested by Eduardo Maresca. He lives in Italy and he is married to a Filipina. His blog is about sharing his experiences with his Filipina’s culture, mentality and the Tagalog Language. Thank you Eduardo for suggesting me this beautiful topic. My research for the topic The topic I was suggested was 'how... Continue Reading →

5 Unique ideas to overcome writer’s block

Look around you. You are surrounded by a world full of mind-blowing words, ideas and patterns. Creativity has no end. Imagination is limitless. Look at your own brain. It has a huge potential. It has a mindblowing size of storage space and creativity. Then the question is: Why do writers experience writer's block? Writer's block... Continue Reading →

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