My 2nd book is now published. “Concentration and Detachment: Two of the most powerful Human abilities coming together to teach you the secret of work”

Do you feel that you need better to have a better focus in your life? Do you feel that you get distracted too easily? Do you feel that you get too attached emotionally to people and things, and it ends up wasting your time and energies? Do you generally feel aimless and are in need... Continue Reading →

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Book Reviews needed!!

Hey readers! I need reviews for my books! I will send you the books for free in exchange for your feedback and reviews. The books are short, insightful and fun to read! Visit this page if you are interested! 🙂

Best way of dealing with anger

The day before I was listening to Osho's talk. He said a very interesting story which points towards how we are living in unconscious and reactive state of mind all the time. 24 hours of the day whether awake or asleep, we are constantly unaware, sleeping, dreaming. We are not aware of our actions or... Continue Reading →

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