Louis Kahn: A spiritual journey through paintings and architecture

Spirituality is not a career. It is a way of life. It is a development of understanding of a world more than mere materials. It is the realisation of the part of ourselves which is more than body and mind. Louis Kahn (1901-1974) was a modern architect, who was in this search for 'the spirit... Continue Reading →

When natural light met trees!

This image is of a pathway to my farm, A space created by natural light and trees As an architect, I am always looking at spaces. It is always an exercise of imagination to find new kinds of spaces and their translation in to architecture. This image is from my farm, where I observed a... Continue Reading →

The balance between present and future

There is a story about Buddha and a musician who was discouraged with his meditation practice. The Buddha asked :"What happens when you tune your instrument too tightly?" "The strings break," the musician replied."And what happens when you string it too loosely?""When it's too loose, no sound comes out," the musician answered. "The string that... Continue Reading →

A different method for setting Goals

Why does every Human on earth need a goal? Human mind is an attention oriented entity. I wrote in my earlier article "on the nature of mind" that the mind can generate intense force with the things it can identify itself with. In other words, it needs to obsess on something to create that irresistible... Continue Reading →

On The Nature of Mind

I used to meditate a few years ago. I lost that habit due to ignorance and forgetting the priorities in life. Just a week ago, I started again to meditate for some time in the morning. I do not have a goal to reach anywhere with it. It is just a curious exploration of understanding... Continue Reading →

Mastery is the only way.

"Don't try to start the work. Try to finish the work." An experienced and quite a successful person told me one day. And as I thought about it, I came to realise that it is a really good advise. These days many people keep changing their area of work just for the sake of novelty... Continue Reading →

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